Jan 25, 2019

How to Build a Successful Expansion Team w/Brandon Landro

The expansion model in real estate is one that many teams fail at, even when they are really strong in their original market. What are some of the reasons expansions don’t work out, and how can we prevent those issues? How do we choose the right area to expand in? How do we staff our expansion teams, especially when it comes to the leadership? On this episode, Brandon Landro shares how his team is crushing their expansion, and the pieces they’ve put in place to make it work.



It’s our job to build the systems to allow them to be successful. If you don’t have the resources or the time, you are not doing your part. -Brandon Landro



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

How to choose the right expansion market

If you’re looking to expand, consider a market you can drive to, not somewhere that requires a flight. You’ll understand how things work and can quickly get there in the event of a crisis. The branding can step in and answer every single question in a market that’s still local, whereas in a market that’s far away, you just won’t know the contractual information, and no amount of branding will be able to make up for that.

Why you need to expand from a position of strength

When you’re expanding into another market, remember to continue to do business in the market you’re in because that market is feeding the expansion one. You’re not going to make money in your new market immediately, so your original business has to be strong enough to support the expansion.

The wrong point to step out of production

Many people say they want to step out of production way too early, when their transactions are still the bulk of the team’s production. If you step out too early, we’ll end up weakening or even destroying the team.


Expansion isn’t something to do on a whim— certain conditions have to be present in order for it to succeed. There has to be an opportunity for it, and you have to have a running well-oiled machine running already. If you’re making mistakes in your current market, they will be carried over into the next one, and if you’re doing well that will carry over too. It’s a lot easier to build from a center of strength. The fruits of a good expansion is market dominance, and the perception that you’re everywhere which will attract both clients and agents to our teams.

Jan 17, 2019

How to Harness The Power of the Phone w/Albert Garibaldi

Too many agents wait for business to come to them instead of getting on the phone and chasing leads. What are some of the causes of phone paralysis and how can we overcome them? How do you live your life with passion by serving your clients?

In this explosive episode of Club Wealth TV, we propel you right into the New Year with Albert Garibaldi, top motivational speaker and author, who has had a brilliant real estate career with $1M in GCI. He shares on finding success on the phone, navigating rejection, and building confidence.



The first 10-15 second from the time they pick up the phone are the seconds you to connect with them. -Albert Garibaldi



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How to fuel your goals
    Write down specific a “why” for what you want to do and that will give you the burning desire to get into action. You have to be really specific so that “why” helps you overcome any hesitation, procrastination or inaction.  

  • How to succeed with expired's
    Mirror their emotions whether they are mad or annoyed, get on their side, and then take them where you’re going. Start with mirroring and matching them so they feel understood.

  • The importance of tracking your goals
    In order to keep pushing yourself towards something, it’s important to make note of even small successes. The reason it often feels like we’re not getting anywhere is that we don’t look back at our goals so we can see the small wins.


The reason so many agents struggle to get any real results and never reach their full potential is the way they think about the phone. Whether you’re hesitant, scared of rejection, or just not committed to doing it consistently, this shows up in the prospecting results you get. The most powerful thing we can do is dedicate ourselves to the phone, stop telling ourselves negative stories, and keep track of our goals so we can actually see the small wins. This is how we can be unstoppable in 2019.

Jan 9, 2019

How to Bring in Over 400 People to Your Next Client Event w/Dan Baltzer

Client events are something we can leverage to help the community and build stronger relationships. How do you create a big enough draw to get hundreds of people to attend? How do you make sure every stakeholder of the event gets a good outcome? Why is the week after the event so critical? On this episode, Dan Baltzer shares how he gets over 850 people to his client events, and how he uses it to grow his business.


The thing you’re creating has to be a big enough hook to interrupt people’s daily planned schedule. -Dan Baltzer



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Why you must know your stakeholders

When planning your event, you need to know who your stakeholders are. Those are the people you need to make happy. These stakeholders include the venue, vendor partners, and the attendees. Craft the event to make all these people happy. If we make agents our stakeholders, we’ll get them to buy into it.


How events impact your sphere of influence communication

Client events give us the opportunity to have multiple and frequent touch points. We can call them a few times to invite them, confirm their attendance, etc. This gives us a reason to call our sphere multiple times without ever asking for anything.


How to optimize the experience  

When planning an event, make sure to walk through the space to see how the people will move through it. Check for any choke points, or any point at which the foot traffic isn’t going towards all the vendors. Remember: controlling the path people take controls the whole experience.


Client events can be an opportunity to drive massive traffic which turns into opportunities for our agents. It’s all about thinking differently about events and paying attention to detail. We have to be clear on the experience we want everyone to have. Everyone there should feel loved and valued. We won’t get positive results unless we do this. If we do it well enough, our sphere of influence will grow, the community will look forward to our events, and vendors will endorse us.