May 30, 2019

Why You Need to Stop Chasing Riches and Focus on Building Wealth w/Doug Holladay

Far too often, we use the words ‘wealth’ and ‘riches’ interchangeably. If they’re not the same thing, which one should we be aspiring to? How can we start taking steps towards choosing the right one and realizing what it can do for us and our families? On this episode, Club Wealth coach Doug Holladay is sharing why you need to be striving to be wealthy.



You need to build wealth- forget about riches. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Prioritize saving
    Saving money is more important than accumulating it in the first place. By setting money aside proactively, you save yourself the trouble of needing to look for it when times are tough.

  2. Aim to generate wealth, not riches
    While the two are often used interchangeably, wealth and riches are two different things. Wealth allows you to take care of others, whereas riches are essentially self-serving. Riches are also elusive— difficult to attain and never enough once you start to accumulate them. Aim to generate wealth that will build your legacy, instead of purchasing fleeting and superficial items.

  3. Choose cash over credit
    We live in a society of instant gratification, and the constant supply of credit enables us to buy items out of our price range. On top of this leading to debt, buying things you can’t afford with credit is a bad idea in general. By using credit, you’ll ultimately pay more for something than it’s worth.


In a world that values instant results, we’ve started to feel that wealth can be quickly acquired. Where it can’t be acquired quickly enough, things like credit have allowed us to pretend that it can. The problem is, we’re not only spending more money than necessary, we’re striving towards riches rather than wealth. Get out of that mindset today, and start planning your finances with the end goal in mind.


Guest Bio

Doug Holladay is a wealth coach at Club Wealth. He’s passionate about helping people to improve the financial area of their lives, and strongly believes that we should be striving towards creating wealth, rather than riches. Doug is the owner and broker at Team One Real Estate in the Treasure Valley.

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May 23, 2019

How to Acquire Business from Retiring Agents the Right Way w/Nick Krautter


All agents are replaceable, but the great thing is: you have the power to choose who replaces you. Likewise, agents have the opportunity to offer to buy a retiring agent’s business in exchange for a referral fee. How can you get involved in this process? What are the risks? On this episode, author of The Golden Handoff, Nick Krautter is here to explain how to get involved in buying business from retiring agents.



We are all replaceable, but you can choose the person who replaces you. -Nick Krautter



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Host client appreciation parties

Building personal relationships with your database is essential. Host parties that provide your clients with a great experience, but don’t forget to offer them value. Encourage them to ask about the market while at the events.


Understand what it means to buy an agent’s business

The way to approach buying a retiring agent’s business is by reminding yourself you’re buying the years it took to accumulate that list. If you find a retiring agent willing to sell their business, you’re benefiting from the work they put in without spending any money until you actually close a deal.


Take immediate action. Don’t think you need to wait.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing you need to wait to buy a retiring agent’s business. The best time to take action is right now. You don’t need to spend years preparing for something when the resource is right at your fingertips today.


As an industry, we often tend to think gaining a client list is a near-impossible task. However, buying from retiring agents is one way to make this happen. You can boost your own database in a massive way as long as you’re going about the process in the correctly.


Guest Bio

Nick Krautter is the author of The Golden Handoff: How to Buy and Sell a Real Estate Agent’s Business, which debuted number one on Amazon for mergers and acquisitions. His goal is to teach real estate agents how to grow their business and to help them later retire and benefit from their years of hard work.


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May 9, 2019

Why Knowing Your Numbers and Staying Consistent is Key w/Ryan Skrzypkowski


No one goes into real estate with the intention to be mediocre, but the path to success is not always clear. What can you do to ensure you get to the top of your market, and stay there? Should you limit your attention to specific markets? How important is it to “know your numbers”? On this episode, Ryan Skrzypkowski shares on the importance of consistency and his secrets to success.



Quit trying to find the magic. The magic is in the boring, day-to-day grind. -Michael Hellickson



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Don’t be afraid to start at the top

So often when we’re starting out, we shy away from approaching clients in the luxury market. However, luxury clients need agents just as much as everyone else. If anything, the luxury market clients are often appreciative of you going above and beyond.


Know your numbers

Knowing your numbers is absolutely crucial. By doing this, you’ll know where to put your energy. You’ll also be in a position where you can compete with anyone, as you’ll know how much you must do to be on their level.


Don’t waste a moment

We have so little time to make an impact, so seize moments as they come. It’s easy to waste a minute, or even a day. These all add up, and cause you to procrastinate to a later date. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap: be as productive as you can, every single day.


Success is inherently boring, so it’s a good idea to have the most effective systems possible in your business. Take advantage of the time you have, and stay on top of your numbers. These crucial steps play a massive role in your company’s success, so be sure to never skip them. Success lies in predictability.


Guest Bio

Ryan Skrzypkowski is a young entrepreneur with a true passion for life, his energy is contagious. He is able to create a motivating environment and will always help those around him. He naturally carries a positive aura, and is able to approach situations in a manner that produces good outcomes. He has a passion for building business, and he believes that the only boundaries to any individual are those of which we set ourselves.

Ryan is a Top 1% producer within the Sarasota/Manatee County board of Realtors, and was voted #1 Realtor by SRQ magazine's 'Best of SRQ' in 2018. He’s also sold $60M + in Real Estate.


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