Jun 27, 2019

How to Create a Great Team Culture w/Sandy Stites

Team culture dictates your success, so it’s crucial to build a great environment where your team members feel supported. How can you foster a great company culture? What influences should you be aware of within your team? On this episode, Sandy Stites joins us to discuss building great culture in your business.



When we create great culture on our teams, the magic happens. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Have genuine interest
    It’s vital that you take a genuine interest in the individuals on your team. Pay attention to what’s going on in your team members’ lives and let them know you care. It’s important to approach this seriously and from a place of authenticity.

  • Encourage vulnerability
    The great thing about family is that it allows you to be completely vulnerable. Aim to create a family environment on your team where vulnerability is the norm. This can be fostered through zoom calls that force everyone to be on camera. The important thing is to create an inclusive space that allows everyone to be comfortable.

  • Cut out the cancer
    If there are people on your team not contributing to a great company culture, remove them from the team. This is often difficult because that same individual may be the top producer on your team, but the reality is that negative influences have to be removed to create a positive environment.

Never underestimate the power of positivity on your team. We’ve all heard the cliche that business and pleasure should be separate, but productivity relies heavily on happiness. Create a team culture where people are excited to come to work. Foster an environment that makes people happy. Team culture dictates your level of success


Guest Bio

Sandy Stites is the marketing expert at Team Stites, a Realtor based in Southern California. In addition to her vast knowledge on advertising and social media marketing, Sandy has even developed an algorithm to link seller’s home features to target buyers. As a native Taiwanese and Chinese speaker, Sandy is capable of offering great help to buyers, sellers and investors in the international market. Sandy places a lot of emphasis on being ‘team mom’, and takes a genuine interest in the lives of everyone at Team Stites.


To find out more about Sandy, head to: https://www.teamstites.com/team/david-stites-licensed-real-estate-agent

Jun 6, 2019

How Grant Wise Closes a Transaction for Every $72 Spent on Facebook

Facebook remains one of the most powerful ways to grow our businesses, but we need to have a strategy for it. Why is it so important to know more about the people you’re targeting on Facebook, what kind of information do you need to know? How can you follow up with people in alignment to the stage your business is in?

On this episode, Real Estate Marketing University founder, Grant Wise shares how to leverage Facebook and how to uncover your best leads with simple strategies.



We celebritize what we see on our screens. -Grant Wise


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Building an ideal client profile doesn’t limit you, it brings in more opportunities
    Your ideal customer isn’t just one person, there is a large group of people that exists but one person is what we use to create the foundation of who you want to go after.

  • Emotion is what takes us further in the marketing process
    What we leverage in real estate is the desire someone has because that drives them from being unaware of us, to in the know and wanting to work with us. If we give the client what they want, not what they need, we will get further along in the marketing process.

  • If you want your content to connect with people it has to hit emotional or logical triggers.
    3 triggers you hit on in your content, gain (what will I get from this), logic (things that make sense) and fear (FOMO) embed those things into your content.  


In our business, the first person to consistently build a relationship wins. In order to build relationships, the most important rule of is understanding who you’re trying to do business with. Without this, whatever approach you take won’t be effective. You have to really know what the situation your ideal customer is in, so that you can be relevant. What’s powerful about Facebook is that we can directly and strategically market to who we want to do business with. When you add to that a message that triggers people emotionally, we will stand out and our marketing efforts will have much better results.


Guest Bio

Grant Wise is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Real Estate Marketing University, an online media training company. Grant is known to be a maverick leader and an innovative marketing strategist unafraid to lead companies in new directions. To get access to Grant’s 3 Key Secrets to Success, go to http://clubwealth.com/grantwise/.