Feb 20, 2020

Increasing Your PROFIT in 2020! Understanding your P&L w/Christy Horne & Ron Anderson

As business owners, tracking our money is one of the most critical exercises we need to do. Tracking finances with our bank accounts isn’t enough for us to get the information that helps us make better decisions, so we need a P&L. How does knowing and understanding our numbers increase our profitability? How do we use our P&L to profit expenses and to plan for things like taxes? On this episode, Coach Christy Horne shares the importance of keeping track of your profit and loss on a monthly basis.  

A lot of us only look at our P&L when we’re giving it to the CPA to do our taxes, but we need to look at it daily, weekly, monthly so we can make business decisions with it. -Christy Horne 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Good P&L data comes from having the right categories 
    When it comes to creating categories in our P&L, it’s important not to make them too broad. Instead of having generic buckets, have specific, granular categories showing every expense and every income type. Every item between $250 and up should be its own line item, so we can get a clear representation on how we’re spending our money.

  • Run your real estate job like a business
    Think of your business as a brick and mortar business. We need to operate it out of our business accounts. Have a checking, savings and credit account for business, and keep that on its own. Have a brick wall between business and personal finances. 

  • Plan ahead for your spending 
    When we take a closer look at our P&L, we’re able to actually forecast our spending. Think about your future expenses, events you’re going to attend, and subscriptions you’re going to pay so we can create a benchmark of profitability.


Guest Bio -

Christy is a Tier 1 coach at Club Wealth. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree and Master’s in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas in Austin. She began her career as a CPA at Ernst & Young before transitioning into the Real Estate Industry in 2013. To access Coach Christy Horne’s resources, visit http://clubwealth.com/PNL/.

Feb 17, 2020

LinkedIn Leads and Leverage w/Lindsay NcCorchuk

When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is an underestimated and overlooked platform. What makes LinkedIn a great lead generation tool? How do we develop a good value proposition that engages with people? How can a charitable component in our real estate businesses help us build relationships? On this episode, Club Wealth coach and agent, Lindsay NcCorchuk, shares how she’s made $70k in 6 months on LinkedIn alone. You will find out her SECRET SAUCE to gaining new clients using LinkedIn.


LinkedIn isn’t just a source of leads for buyers and sellers, it also helps you grow your network or SOI. -Lindsay NcCorchuk 

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Have the right value proposition 
    Value proposition matters on LinkedIn. A free home warrantee or money back at closing won’t engage with people or make them want to connect. In Lindsay’s case, her value proposition is the charity component she has in her business, which many people on LinkedIn value. If we’re using a charity component, it’s important that it’s something we’re passionate about. 
  • Lead with building relationships 
    Don’t just think buyers and sellers for LinkedIn. We can also use it to connect with people, start conversations, build relationships and expand our spheres of influence. If we do this regularly, we’ll build a healthy database from that platform alone. 
  • On LinkedIn there’s less speed-to-lead pressure
    Speed to lead is important but not as critical as other platforms. We need to get back to people, but not in as little as 30 seconds like other lead generation tools. People aren’t expecting immediate responses, and also your value proposition takes away the need for urgent contact.


Jan 30, 2020

Begin with the End in Mind Five Stages of Growth in the Five Key Areas of Life w/Coach Ron Anderson

Many people in business focus all their energy on financial success, and as a result, the other parts of their lives start to suffer. How do we make sure every aspect of our lives is dialed in? How can we work on improving the weaker areas, and how do we use our strong points to help others? On this new episode, Club Wealth’s Coach Ron Anderson explains the five stages we’ll experience while building a successful real estate empire, and how to determine where to focus your time, effort and energy.

You’re going to be more efficient in all areas of your life if you’re balanced in family, business, finances, health and spirituality. -Ron Anderson  


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Focus energy and effort on the weaker life areas
    We need to measure where we are in all 5 stages. If we’re successful in all but one, our effort should go to the one area where we are the weakest and work on improving that. As we bring the weakest parts up, the other areas where we’re already strong will get even stronger. 

  • Set goals and habits around the life areas you want to improve
    We need to identify the areas in our life that we want to work on, and then set smart goals to accomplish them. The one strategy we must master is developing habits around each of the goals we’ve set to cause us to move from one stage to the next. 

  • Don’t skip stages
    The 5 stages that show where we are in the different areas of our lives are struggle, survival, success, significance and legacy. Don’t try to jump from struggle to legacy; we have to work on getting to the next stage instead of trying to shoot up to the highest level.


Guest Bio

Coach Ron is the Club Wealth Director of Coaching.

Jan 23, 2020

START YOUR YEAR RIGHT S.M.A.R.T. Goals EVERY Real Estate Agent Must Set

In a new year, it’s important for us to really examine the goals we set to make sure they are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Frame). How do we set goals that are actually attainable instead of focusing on numbers that make us sound cool? How do we make sure the goals we set are in integrity for us? What resources can we use to set goals and achieve them? On this episode, the 100th episode of Club Wealth TV, coaches Misti Bruton, Leisel Taylor, and Donnie Morrow talk about lessons they’ve learned about setting goals. 


Time is the biggest motivator in your business and your life. Without a deadline, you won’t have the willpower or sense of direction. -Leisel Taylor 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Look back to learn how to move ahead
    Reflect backwards with honesty. Before setting goals for the year ahead, we first need to evaluate the results we got up to this point. We don’t do this negativity but for learning. This information helps us know where we’re starting from in setting goals going forward.

  • Compete with your former self, not other people
    Don’t buy into the idea of competing with others, it’s a painful path that doesn’t lead to happiness. When we set goals, it’s important for us to remember that the only person we’re competing against is ourselves. We need to be better than we were before, and not other people.

  • Artificial timelines drive willpower
    When we set up open ended goals, we take away the tension that we need to drive forward. We need to create timelines, deadlines and schedules that get us to where we want to go, even if the deadlines are artificial and self-imposed.

Jan 16, 2020

How an Agent with a DISC Profile of an Admin led to $1.2 Million in GCI w/Matt Hermes

When we go through a hard time in our lives and businesses, we can let those things define us, or we can choose to let them inspire us to improve. What does it take for us to keep going when it feels like the odds are against us? Why is giving such a powerful part of coming out of a bad place? How did an agent with a High S-C DISC profile build a highly successful team? On this episode, broker/owner Matt Hermes shares on why our DISC profile doesn’t define us, his inspiring perseverance, and how he came out of being $250k in debt, in a bad place mentally and in a bad economy.  

Don’t do stuff that you hate because you will hate the business you’re in. -Matt Hermes 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Matt’s incredible story of survival, perseverance and change 
    Matt has built himself up after going through a difficult time. Two of his kids faced health challenges during the market crash. He ended up deep in debt, battling alcoholism and on the verge of suicide. The loss of material things forced him to look inside himself and build himself back up the right way. 
  • Introversion doesn’t have to hold us back in business
    You don’t have to be a complete extrovert to effectively interact with people. All we need to do is step outside of our shells for a short amount of time, and then step back in when we aren’t in networking or speaking mode. 

  • Coaching is one of the best investments we can make in ourselves
    If we’re not getting desired results, we have to do something different. Coaching is a great place to start to change the results we’re getting. We’re limited in what we know, and we don’t know what we don’t know, so it’s better to invest in the knowledge of people who have been to where we are.


Guest Bio

Matt is the founder and team leader of Atlanta Homes Guru. His team has been named one of the "Best Teams in America" by Real Trends, one of the Top 3 Realtors in Atlanta (NAMAR) from 2012 - 2016, and is in the top 1% of all Keller Williams Agents in the world. For more information, visit http://www.atlantahomesguru.com/.

Nov 27, 2019

How Listings-to-Leads Can Help Agents Generate High Quality Affordable Leads w/Scott Pierce

Getting leads is more expensive than ever! However, there are still some fantastic and affordable lead sources in the market, such as Listings-to-Leads. How does this platform work, and how can it supply us with quality leads? Why is a pipeline of leads key to our success? On this episode, Listings-to-Leads founder, Scott Pierce, talks about how his platform works and the results agents are getting from it. 

Super affordable leads are the best way to stock up our pipeline. -Michael Hellickson 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Quality beats quantity in good lead generation
    Lead generation is not just about focusing on putting out Facebook ads and caring more about quantity over quality. That approach generates the lowest quality of leads; Listings-to-Leads is a tool that focuses on getting higher quality leads. 

  • Lead-cash conversion is a metric we should track 
    It’s important to consider the lead-cash conversion cycle when purchasing leads. Some lead sources take a lot of time between when we pay for the lead and when we make money.

  • Building a pipeline is key
    If we want to grow our businesses, it’s impossible to do it without a consistent stream of leads. If we can invest money in something like Listings to Leads, we can affordably keep our businesses flush with potential clients.


Guest Bio

Scott is the Founder & Chief Evangelist of Listings-to-Leads. Previously he was the Director of Online Marketing for 4 Sotheby's International Realty offices in Danville, Lafayette, Leimert and Montclair, CA with over 225 agents. For more information visit https://www.listingstoleads.com/

Nov 21, 2019

White Label CRM for Brokers, Teams and Agents! w/Brandon Wise

When it comes to CRMs, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding which one works for our businesses. Are there affordable options available that can provide us with the technology we need without breaking the bank? Do affordable options offer enough additional services to help us stand out in the industry? On this episode, CEO of Wise Agent, Brandon Wise, shares how to use this affordable CRM to our benefits.


If you want to be able to provide great technology for your brokerage agents at an affordable price and have it white labeled, Wise Agent is for you. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Affordable options exist
    A CRM like Wise Agent is a great option for solo agents and new broker owners thanks to its affordability. The great thing is, despite the low price, Wise Agent offers great capabilities and functionality. 

  • Stand out with White Labeling
    Wise Agent offers its clients the ability to ‘White Label,’ the technology. This gives users an edge, as our brands look instantly sophisticated. Make use of the platforms’ personalizable landing pages to help boost our businesses’ profiles. 

  • Take advantage of social media enhancement
    Wise Agent offers users the opportunity to find ample information on new leads. By simply putting their email address on the landing page, the CRM can pull information on a leads’ profession and social media handles. Having this information gives us an opportunity to engage with leads more effectively than our competitors can.


Guest Bio

Brandon Wise is the CEO of Wise Agent. After becoming disenchanted with the CRMs available to him as a Realtor, Brandon pitched his idea for a better option to his programmer best friend, Mike Becker, in 2002. Initially intended to help him with Mike’s own business, Brandon and Mike soon realized that the technology they were working on was what every agent was looking for. 15 years later, Wise Agent is now the most recommended CRM in the real estate industry.


To find out more, go to https://wiseagent.com/about-us.asp

And for ClubWealth’s special offer, go to clubwealth.com/wiseagent

Nov 14, 2019

How to Double Your Money With Home Partners of America w/Neal Lawson

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, it’s so important for agents to stand out and bring something new to the table. With this in mind, having something unique to add to the listing presentation, like Home Partners of America, can be a gamechanger. How do we pitch this program to sellers, and how do we use it to help people get into the home of their dreams? In this episode, Club Wealth coach and agent, Neal Lawson shares on how to double-end deals with Home Partners of America and help our clients find a new path to homeownership. 


 Over 50% more people in a market who are looking for housing are looking for rentals. Home Partners of America allows sellers to double their odds of finding someone to purchase their property. -Neal Lawson  


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Anything below $2,000 in rental would probably not make it into the Home Partners Program
    If someone is willing to pay more than $2,000 a month in rent, they are more likely to qualify for the program. 

  • Home Partners rentals would pay a little more 
    What determines the amount of money we pay in rentals are details like list price, taxes, and the accessories of the home (ex: a finished basement, a pool, etc.). A person in the Home Partners program can expect to be paying about 10% more than you would if they bought the house outright. 

  • Home Partners gives sellers an opportunity for both rental and For-Sale marketing
    When we market a program like Home Partners of America to FSBOs and expireds, the value that we are offering to them is the chance to market their homes to more people in the market. That visibility will increase their chances of finding a buyer.


Guest Bio

Neal is a club wealth coach and associate broker with National Realty Guild’s DreamTeam, which is one of the leading real estate teams in the Twin Cities, with over 100 million in sales. Visit http://clubwealth.com/neallawson/ to access Neal’s free resources to help you pitch Home Partners of America. Find Neal on Facebook.

Visit https://www.homepartners.com/ for more info on the program.

Nov 7, 2019

How to Profit with REO w/Long Doan, Tim Ray, Jesse Zagorsky and Garrett Pancheri

REO offers us amazing opportunities to boost our businesses. What are the benefits of getting involved in REO, and how can we market ourselves in the space? On this episode, experts in short sales and REO, Long Doan, Tim Ray, Jesse Zagorsky and Garrett Pancheri, share why REO is a great option for agents today. 


REO gives us an opportunity to put more signs in the ground. The more signs in the ground, the more you’ll be able to scale your business and do it very profitably. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • REO is making a comeback
    REO today is different from REO in 2008, but it’s still here and still a great place for us to make money. In fact, we’re more likely to get business with REO than with any other type of listing in real estate. 
  • More signs in the ground mean more leads 
    One of the massive benefits of REO is that it allows us to get more signs in the ground. REO is a lead magnet, and the more we can get our names out there on signs, the more business we’ll get. 
  • Market REOs differently
    When it comes to REO, detail is everything. We need to go out of our way to market ourselves differently. We need to listen to what people in our markets are saying, and deliver a tailored solution to their problems. Connections are vital in REO, so be sure to connect with as many people as possible, and as deeply as possible. 


REO saw a boom in 2008, and it’s unlikely that today’s market will be too similar to what we saw in the wake of the financial crisis. However, REO remains a great place for agents to make a profit, and even if the space is different in today’s market, the opportunities are still endless. REO allows us to get signs in the ground and make more profit than any other space in real estate, so it’s a great idea for agents to get involved. Build connections with other agents in the space, and think outside the box when it comes to marketing. REO offers so many benefits; we need to take advantage of them today. 


Guest Bio

Long Doan is the Founder of Realty Group, Inc. in Minnesota. With over 25 years of experience in the business, Long recently got involved in REO and in just 4 years, has done 1000 REOs. Long is an expert in real estate, and is a top 1% agent in both Minnesota and the country.


To find out more about Long, visit 




Tim Ray is the company owner at HomeSmart Legacy and the Tim Ray Real Estate Team in Kansas City. He is also a business coach at ClubWealth. With experience in the Kansas City market dating back to 1997, Tim is an expert in his field.


To find out more about Tim, visit





Jesse Zagorsky is a Broker Associate at Live.Love San Diego Homes Brokered eXp. He has over 10 years of experience in the San Diego market, and is passionate about real estate. Jesse has a background in marketing, and strives to find creative solutions in every step of the business.


To find out more about Jesse, visit





Garrett Pancheri is the co-owner of Dustin Garrett and Associates at Team One Group Real Estate. He is also a Club Wealth Coach, and has a passion for the real estate industry, with a particular interest in short sales. Garrett is a skilled negotiator and loves taking every opportunity to learn more about industry trends.


To find out more about Garrett, visit





Be sure to look out for updates on ClubWealth’s upcoming book on REO.

Oct 30, 2019

How to Flip Time & Double Your Production w/Karen Briscoe


For most people, self-actualization is something we only focus on when we have achieved security and our basic survival needs. But without self-development, it’s hard to achieve at a higher level. How does adjusting the way we invest our time propel us forward? Why is it more powerful to instill new habits in small steps rather than all at once? On this episode, real estate top producer, coach, and author of the 5 Minutes to Success books, Karen Briscoe, shares the power of dedicating ourselves to self-actualization. She also discusses how to create a thriving environment for our teams. 


Energy is the fundamental currency of high performance. -Karen Briscoe

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Even a small amount of self-actualization will have a noticeable effect 
    When we work on our self-actualization, even a little bit at a time, a ripple effect occurs. The impact is felt by the people around us and they start to self-actualize too. It can also be a snowball effect, where momentum builds up to bigger achievements; or a domino effect where it starts to change different parts of our lives, and create bigger milestones of self-actualization. 
  • Time isn’t the biggest determinant of self-actualization
    Activity, not time, is what determines success. When we are considering doing something, it’s not really the time that holds us back from doing it. Whats hold us back is the energy we’re willing to spend and the impact that activity will have on us. 
  • Self-actualization should be the first need we meet
    Most people spend a lot of time at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, trying to first get their physiological and safety needs met first before going towards self-actualization. What actually has the most impact is flipping the pyramid, and starting with self-actualization. It makes getting everything on the pyramid easier, and we speed up the process of becoming successful. 


Self-actualization allows us to become better versions of ourselves, build habits of productivity, become more in tune with our identity, and do meaningful work. If we focus on these things first, and flip Maslow’s pyramid on its head, everything else will become easier because we’re happier, more fulfilled, and know what we want. That will naturally lead us to the safety, security and basic physiological needs so many of us crave. If we set self-actualization as our priority, we won’t struggle to take control of our actions; we will align with what produces the best results for us. 

Guest Bio

Karen Briscoe is the genius behind the 5 Minutes to Success books. With a successful background in real estate, Karen has crafted an approach to business that has won industry-wide acclaim. This approach is based on her own journey. Karen places emphasis on the importance of combining actions, visualization and subtle habit creation to achieve enduring success. Having generated $1.5 billion in real estate sales, her advice is not only helpful, but indeed vital to all those seeking to thrive. Visit https://www.5minutesuccess.com/ for more information. 

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