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Begin with the End in Mind Five Stages of Growth in the Five Key Areas of Life w/Coach Ron Anderson

January 30, 2020

Many people in business focus all their energy on financial success, and as a result, the other parts of their lives start to suffer. How do we make sure every aspect of our lives is dialed in? How can we work on improving the weaker areas, and how do we use our strong points to help others? On this new episode, Club Wealth’s Coach Ron Anderson explains the five stages we’ll experience while building a successful real estate empire, and how to determine where to focus your time, effort and energy.

You’re going to be more efficient in all areas of your life if you’re balanced in family, business, finances, health and spirituality. -Ron Anderson  


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Focus energy and effort on the weaker life areas
    We need to measure where we are in all 5 stages. If we’re successful in all but one, our effort should go to the one area where we are the weakest and work on improving that. As we bring the weakest parts up, the other areas where we’re already strong will get even stronger. 

  • Set goals and habits around the life areas you want to improve
    We need to identify the areas in our life that we want to work on, and then set smart goals to accomplish them. The one strategy we must master is developing habits around each of the goals we’ve set to cause us to move from one stage to the next. 

  • Don’t skip stages
    The 5 stages that show where we are in the different areas of our lives are struggle, survival, success, significance and legacy. Don’t try to jump from struggle to legacy; we have to work on getting to the next stage instead of trying to shoot up to the highest level.


Guest Bio

Coach Ron is the Club Wealth Director of Coaching.