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Breaking Into the Luxury Segment and Why Luxury Clients Aren’t So Different w/Josh Zollinger

August 30, 2018

Building a real estate business in the luxury market comes with its own unique challenges, but are clients from this segment really that different? How can we walk the extra mile for a luxury client without sacrificing our free time? Why are photographs important for both the advertising process and in convincing a seller to list with us? In this episode, Josh Zollinger talks about how he broke into the luxury market and shares what he’s learned since.



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Be helpful, not just friendly
    People don’t meet with us because they need a friend, but because they want to buy a house. This is why so important to make the process professional, effective, and stress free for them. No matter how charismatic we are, if we don’t make their lives easier, they’ll look for another agent.

  • Photographs get clicks
    Photos are key to marketing a house. With low-quality photos, nobody is going to click on the ad, especially in the luxury market where everyone has high standards.

  • Focus on the things that matter and delegate everything else
    Many agents end up working up to 80-90 hours per week. While they do make good money, they can’t catch a breath. Selling and buying usually involves a lot of administrative work as well, and all of this can be outsourced to someone else.


Luxury clients tend to be savvier and have higher expectations. In the end, however, they’re just people who want the same thing as everyone else: a good customer experience. We need a marketing plan each time we give a listing presentation, and we must be able to prove that we have the expertise and the willingness to go the extra mile for them.


Guest Bio

Josh Zollinger has had a successful career in sales and is noted for his excellent negotiating skills and professionalism. His skill set includes construction, finance, accounting and mortgages. Go to for more information.