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Chris Heller on Steps for Success and How He Built His Own Business from Scratch

October 10, 2018

Success is not about unique talent and luck, but about consistent hard work and planning. What’s the first step we should take towards focusing on higher-value activities? Why is emotional resilience so important in real estate? And what’s the one competitive edge we have over companies with large funds? In this episode, one of the most successful real estate executives, Chris Heller, shares his real estate journey and advice for aspiring agents.


The reasons people buy or sell homes are often grounded in emotions. -Chris Heller



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades
    Negotiations, listing presentations, and even lead generation can be outsourced. We can’t wear all of the hats in our business without ending up exhausted. Plus, there may be others who are better than us at certain aspects of the business. Why not outsource the low-value tasks or tasks we don’t enjoy doing?

  • Learn how to deal with failure
    Emotional resilience is crucial in real estate. No matter what level we’re at or how skilled we are, there will always be days when we’ll encounter someone rude or discouraging. Because it’s a people-based business, dealing with an uncomfortable situation is a common occurrence. If we want to succeed and stay in the game, we have to learn to become emotionally resilient.

  • Our bank account is our financial compass
    Our biggest term of comparison should be where we used to be and where we are today. Our bank account shouldn’t be a way for us to measure our worth, but rather an indicator of where we are and how much we have to work to get where we want to be.

Our clients expect more from us today than they did two decades ago. Because of how technology has made everything faster and easier, the same experience is expected from real estate.This is the only competitive advantage we can work on when competing against companies who can afford to buy a listing when it doesn’t get sold. “Customer experience” is the card we should all play if we want to stay in business in this market. In any big transaction, having a human to talk to is more important than any other elements of a customer service experience.


Guest Bio

Chris Heller is a nationally-recognized real estate executive, boasting one of the most successful production track records spanning three decades. As the former CEO of Keller Williams Realty, Heller expanded the business into more than 20 international markets and helped build the world’s largest team of real estate agents.

As the chief executive officer of Mello Home, Heller leads the team tasked with creating smarter and simpler home buying, financing and improvement experiences for today’s increasingly tech-savvy customer.