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How to Use Buyer Intake Forms as a Bonding Opportunity w/ Jesse Zagorsky

May 8, 2018

Few agents use buyer’s intake to bond with their potential buyers, even though it’s the perfect opportunity to find out more about motivations and needs. The market has changed tremendously in the past years. How do we stand out as an agent when our buyers can find homes by themselves online? What should our end goals be for buyer consultations? How do we build trust? In this episode, Jesse Zagorsky shares how he uses buyer intake forms to bond with new buyer clients.


People lose sight over their emotional reasons for buying once they get into the logic down the road. You gotta bring them back to emotion. -Jesse Zagorsky



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. How many things can you do differently from most agents?

We must have an unique sales proposition in place. People no longer need us to see listings because they can go online and see homes by themselves. Be creative while explaining what we can do beyond that. Consider giving them a giftcard, or put an unexpected clause in the buyer’s form that involves a free bbq meal after they buy the house.


  1. Every buyer form has two goals

When using a buyer form, our most important goals are to understand what they want and convince them that we can help them get the home of their dreams. During the consultation, 70% of the time we should be listening and taking notes on what is important to them. Bring that information later to show them that we actually care about their needs.


  1. Allow them to cancel at any time

You build trust when you let them know they can get out at any time and they have no obligations towards you in case you do a bad job. This demonstrates how sure we are of our skills and confident that the whole process will go well.


In the past, real estate agents had all the leverage. We had access to the lists of homes on the market. Today, anyone can find what’s listed in a few clicks. Our unique proposition can no longer be that we find a house, simply because our potential buyers can do this by themselves. We have to bring other benefits to the table to persuade them to work with us.

Guest Bio

Jesse Zagorsky is the owner of Live. Love. San Diego homes and a Realtor with over 10 years of experience. He is a system lover and a master when it comes to buyer intake presentations. Jesse has sold over 500 homes so far in one of the most competitive markets in the country. Visit for more information.