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Creative Ways to Market Yourself and Dominate a Small Market w/Brian and Cindi Richardson

September 5, 2018


Standing out in your market has a huge impact on your business, and being a trusted resource for others can help you do that. How can we be more useful and less salesy? How does providing an excellent customer experience result in recurring business? How can an assistant help us focus on high-value tasks? In this episode, Brian and Cindi Richardson share how they made it big in a small market.



You have to deliver excellent customer service—not just to clients, but also to the agents in your market. -Michael Hellickson



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Outsource time-consuming, low-value tasks
    Our lives would be less cluttered if we outsourced the time-consuming tasks that must be done but don’t bring much value. When we gain more hours in our business by eliminating the mundane work, we are free to focus on high-value activities. The best hires are those that complement our weaknesses and allow us to focus on what we’re good at.


  • Get creative with your marketing tactics
    There are certain marketing channels that are extremely cluttered, and fewer and fewer people find those effective. These include email campaigns and phone calls. We can’t stand out by doing what everyone else is doing. While the inbox gets more cluttered, the mailbox doesn’t. Flyers and magazines are offer great opportunities to get in touch with your database without ending up in the spam folder.


  • Excellent customer service is the strongest form of marketing
    Superb customer service is not only a must for clients, but also agents we collaborate with. We have to deliver excellent customer service to the agents in our market. They may decide to bring us referrals depending on the experience they have with us.


Guest Bio

Brian and Cindi Richardson dominate their local market in Cleveland, where they control around 10% of the market share. Cindi started her real estate journey in 1999 when she got her licence. Brian spent 20 years in the home improvement industry. In 2011, he joined his wife, and the Richardson Team was born. Cindi was named a top performing agent for four years in a row, and she was also named Cleveland’s “Best of the Best” in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017.