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How Ken Crotts Went from Being a Solo Agent to Listing 4 Houses Per Week With His Team

July 5, 2018

As a rockstar, you have to wear many hats to make it work. How is a team leader different from being a solo agent? What are the advantages of having a team? Why do so many agents lose the listing? In this episode, Ken Crotts shares how he went from being a solo agent to leading a team that closes an average of 4 listing per week, and how he has created more time for himself and his family.


I quickly found out that being a team leader is very different from being a good agent. -Ken Crotts



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Make sure you provide enough information about how you can help
    Usually, when sellers aren’t decided on who to work with, they simply haven’t received enough information about us and what we can do for them. When they bring out the objection of seeing other agents as well, ask them what else you could do for them to convince them to list with you.
  • The team leader is the emotional support of the team
    As a team leader, you have to be positive when you are receiving calls from agents who don’t how to get deals. You have to be able to speak with your agents every day about their problems and encourage them.
  • A team has more resources than a solo agent
    Many solo agents try to convince sellers that if they work with them, everything will be handled personally-- but this isn’t an advantage. Within a team, there are several people who have different specialities, and with that comes more time and resources to find buyers and sell the home faster.


The best way to get the listing is to give our clients a risk-free option, making for an easy "yes". For example, we could put in place a contract that gives the seller 24 hours to change their mind, in case they will speak with other agents. In the meantime, we will promise them that we will already get started on finding buyers for their home. This will make the seller less likely to break the contract and work with someone else instead.


Guest Bio

Ken Crotts has over 20 years of experience in real estate and over 2000 transactions under his belt. In the present he is the team leader of Ken Crotts & Company, where he averages 4 listings per week. You can find out more about Ken at