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How Ken Pozek Grew His Business in a New Market with Agent-to-Agent Marketing

August 22, 2018

A lot of agents underestimate the value of building relationships with the agent community, and they miss out on great opportunities. How can we add value for our fellow agents? Why are relationships the lifeblood of our industry? How do we build relationships with people on the institutional side? On this episode, Ken Pozek shares how he grew his volume to $40 million in just two years in a new market, and why relationships were so instrumental in his success.



If we’re not building relationships with our clients and our other Realtors, our function becomes moot. -Brian Curtis



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Be intentional with your actions at events. Build relationships while you’re there.

    When we leave our business and family behind for days to go to an event, we can’t just go there to stay in our clique. We should have goals when we go to these events, and recognize that they are a powerful way to meet people and make valuable connections.


  • Become associated with your city

    When we’re networking or making appearances, our last name is moderately important. The order of importance is actually first name, city, and last name. If people associate us with our city, they think of us when they think of that city.


  • Be purposeful with long-term follow-up.

    Unless we’re planning to be out of business soon, we need to do long-term follow-up to set ourselves up for business and deals in the future. If we only take the low hanging fruit today, we’ll miss out on the good that can come later from effective lead nurturing and follow-up.

Everything in our business is a relationship, and the further we go on the line of this internet, the more we have to remember this. If we cease to be a relationship business, we cease to be important at all. If a computer can open the door, show the house and work on the contract, we’re no longer important, and there obsolete. That’s why relationships matter now more than ever. We never know how that relationship is going to pay dividends in the end, and the profitability we get from those relationships is through the roof and will always be far better than business we pay for.


Guest Bio

Ken is a real estate agent and team leader with a passion for helping organizations and individuals reach their goals. Owner of the Pozek Group Sales Organization with offices in Florida and Michigan, and 2012 Honoree for NAR's 30 under 30, Ken Pozek has over 600 homes sold in his career. A former flipper/investor and appraiser, Ken built a successful team in Michigan then moved to Orlando and maintains operations in both areas, focusing now on building a team in the Orlando market. Go to for more information.