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How Listings-to-Leads Can Help Agents Generate High Quality Affordable Leads w/Scott Pierce

November 27, 2019

Getting leads is more expensive than ever! However, there are still some fantastic and affordable lead sources in the market, such as Listings-to-Leads. How does this platform work, and how can it supply us with quality leads? Why is a pipeline of leads key to our success? On this episode, Listings-to-Leads founder, Scott Pierce, talks about how his platform works and the results agents are getting from it. 

Super affordable leads are the best way to stock up our pipeline. -Michael Hellickson 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Quality beats quantity in good lead generation
    Lead generation is not just about focusing on putting out Facebook ads and caring more about quantity over quality. That approach generates the lowest quality of leads; Listings-to-Leads is a tool that focuses on getting higher quality leads. 

  • Lead-cash conversion is a metric we should track 
    It’s important to consider the lead-cash conversion cycle when purchasing leads. Some lead sources take a lot of time between when we pay for the lead and when we make money.

  • Building a pipeline is key
    If we want to grow our businesses, it’s impossible to do it without a consistent stream of leads. If we can invest money in something like Listings to Leads, we can affordably keep our businesses flush with potential clients.


Guest Bio

Scott is the Founder & Chief Evangelist of Listings-to-Leads. Previously he was the Director of Online Marketing for 4 Sotheby's International Realty offices in Danville, Lafayette, Leimert and Montclair, CA with over 225 agents. For more information visit