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How Mike Bernier Closes 10% of His Leads

August 9, 2018

A lot of us are seeing low conversion rates because we lack tenacity on our leads.How can we empower ourselves with information about the buyer so we can better serve them? What should our attitude be toward incoming calls? What’s the most effective way to assign leads to agents on the team? On this episode, we talk with Mike Bernier about maximizing his leads and converting them at a higher level.




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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Assign leads to agents based on the right fit

    The ISA is part of the team, and he or she knows the agents well. When the ISA is on the phone with the lead, they’ll know which agent will work best with the person. You need a good fit for the lead so the buyer moves forward.


  • Use the conversation to learn about the other person

    It’s really important to ask good questions that lead people to reveal more about what they are looking for. It’s about not dominating a conversation, but about controlling the conversation by asking questions and listening. A good ratio to go by is to talk 30% of the time and listen 70%. This will show you where to steer the conversation.


  • Follow-up has to matter as much as speed to lead

    Agents give up too early, especially when there are a lot of leads on the table. Often, when you give agents too many leads, they don’t follow up as tenaciously as they should with the leads that they have.


 If you want to increase your conversion on a lead source like, it’s critical to have a solid ISA in place. If you’re a solo agent, your ability to take the call when it comes in is important. When managing your agents, remember that there are no participation medals in this business. If you’re just going to give leads equally on your team, you’re going to make less money than you should. Lean on the ISA to assign leads to the right agent, and let the ISA use the calls to learn about the buyer. Don’t make the mistake of asking just one question and thinking it’s enough. Ask questions with the goal of knowing as much as you can about how the buyer thinks.


Guest Bio

Mike Bernier began his career in 1998 with the idea that he wanted to make a real difference. He quickly found a passion for Real Estate, the industry as a whole, and for helping people. Currently he is a managing broker and Co-owner of Realty Group Inc. He is also mentor and instructor/trainer. He helps Realtors of all experience levels develop their talents and focus their efforts. Get more info at