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How Nick Waldner Went From 50 to 500 Transactions a Year in 5 years

September 12, 2018

Most teams don’t take the time to set up career paths for their agents, and this leaves them with very little value to offer. How can we develop a path that teaches agents the high value work they need to do, and give them space to grow as leaders too? When it comes to getting more results, why is leverage the answer? Why is specialization the only way to earn more, grow successful businesses and still have the ability to be devoted to our families? On this episode, Nick Waldner shares the lightbulb moments that helped him go from sales professional to business owner of a thriving team.


When you highly specialize, you make more money and you get time back in your life. - Michael Hellickson



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

The problem with “keeping it small and keeping it all”

When we’re given talent, it’s important that we help people reach their maximum potential. If we’re choosing to keep it “small and keep it all”, we’re not helping people live their best lives. If we miss that, we miss the whole point of business.


What happens when we don’t specialize

If we don’t specialize, we’ll end up having a full-time job doing the technician stuff, as well as a part-time job doing all the back-end work, and a part-time job bookkeeping. This is how we end working double, even triple time.


Our people must be more than cogs in our wheel

Many teams fail to give their employees a career path. That’s usually because the leaders are selfish and see their people as merely cogs in their wheel. If we give people the opportunity to grow, we make the business better and vastly improve our chances of keeping our good people.


If we’re not finding ways to leverage our businesses while adding people to grow, we’re just signing up to have a job for the rest of our lives. This doesn’t just cost us, it costs our families too. In order to 10X our businesses, we have to get off the hamster wheel and put systems in everything we do. We need to be helping people climb the ladder along with us. Being team leaders isn’t just a glamorous thing that gives us fame and clout— it’s a huge responsibility to serve both our clients and our agents.


Guest Bio

Nick Waldner runs The Waldner Winters Team, the #1 Team in his market. His team is included in Gary Keller’s Top 100 out of over 150,000 agents in Keller Williams. You will also see Nick on TV hosting the hit reality series “Waterfront Housing Hunting” on the A&E Station FYI. Learn more at