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How to Become a Master of Scripts & Dialogue w/Alexis Bolin

November 15, 2018

Many agents are terrified of fumbling over a script and ruining their interaction with a prospect. What is a key mindset shift we should have about scripts and how we use them? What are some of the things that go wrong with scripts, and how do we break tension and awkwardness? On this episode, we are joined by real estate legend and queen of scripts, negotiation and dialogue, Alexis Bolin, to talk about sharpening our communication skills.


Scripts and dialogue are nothing more than asking the right questions. -Alexis Bolin



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Why we should not try to be our agents’ friend
    When it comes to our teams and agents, we need to stop trying to be their friend. When we do that, we’re not doing them any favors because it leads them to shake off the responsibility they have for their own success. We give them the tools, support and systems and the rest is on them.

  • How to rethink scripts
    We call them scripts and dialogues, but they are nothing more than answering questions and providing information. If we learn to gather information properly by asking the questions, we can provide what the prospect is looking for..

  • How to have tough discussions with clients
    Not everything we’re going to say to our clients is going to be something they want to hear. Sometimes they’ll have to hear some hard truths. To do this without negatively impacting the relationship, ask for permission to deliver a message to prepare them for it.

Scripts are everywhere in our lives, whether it’s learning the alphabet, counting, or song lyrics. We shouldn’t look at scripts like as an impossible obstacle to overcome. It’s all about communicating, being empathetic, and being genuine. If we genuinely care, this will shine through every single word we say. Excelling at scripts comes down to knowing when to talk and when to listen.


Guest Bio

Originally from the Jersey shore, born in Long Branch, NJ, Alexis graduated Red Bank High School, and worked 18 years as a waitress. Fourteen of those years, were worked at the Officer’s Club at Fort Monmouth, NJ and another four years at Fort Gordon, GA prior to moving to the Gulf Breeze in the Pensacola area in November of 1977. During most of that time period Alexis was a single mother working three waitress jobs to support her children with no child support or alimony. Alexis obtained her Real Estate license in May 1978 and her Florida Broker’s license in 1980. She started as a new agent in 1978 and worked 39 years the same Real Estate Franchise prior to joining Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast in July 2017.

Her accolades include, being Number 1 Agent Nationwide for ERA Real Estate 3 times, ranking among the Top of All Agents Nationwide, being one of 100 Most Influential Agents in Florida, one of the Most Awarded Agents in the Nation, International Real Estate Hall of Fame 2013 and Real Estate Experts Hall of Fame 2013. Go to or for more information.