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How to Boost Your Online Lead Sources w/Marine Yoo

July 20, 2019

Online referral and lead sources are becoming a more common fixture of the real estate industry. How can we build long-term relationships through these platforms? Why is follow up such a key part of success with any long-term lead source? How can you get more online leads right now? On this episode, we talk to Club Wealth coach, Marine Yoo, who shares on how we can get more opportunities through online lead platforms.



Everything you do right will pay dividends, but don’t look for immediate gratification. -Marine Yoo


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How to maximize our online referral sources 
    All lead sources that are paid a referral fee want to work with people giving them the highest ROI, ultimately they are also running a business.  You have to get dialed in on your follow up and conversion, and actually give good service. 

  • The correct mindset to have about online referrals 
    When it comes to dealing with online referral sources, change your mindset and think of them like institutional sellers such as banks. This allows you to take the emotion out of the equation and competition out of it and build a predictable and duplicatable system around it. 

  • How to generate lifetime referrals from entry level buyers
    In entry level price points, people aren’t treated with as much respect as million dollar customers are treated. If we treat entry level customers as well as we would high end ones, they become a raving lifetime fans that will refer us over and over again. 


Online lead and referral sources are anything but free lead sources, we have to work hard. In order for us to make them lucrative and repeatable, it’s important for us to follow the best practices of running a business. Follow up and conversion are key to achieving this, because these lead platforms also want to maximize their ROI. It’s a mental game, and in order to play it well, we have to sharpen our swords, and focus on providing value and service at all times to all clients. 

Guest Bio

Marine is a former police officer, Realtor and Club Wealth coach. Go to for more information. 


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