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How to Bring in Over 400 People to Your Next Client Event w/Dan Baltzer

January 9, 2019

Client events are something we can leverage to help the community and build stronger relationships. How do you create a big enough draw to get hundreds of people to attend? How do you make sure every stakeholder of the event gets a good outcome? Why is the week after the event so critical? On this episode, Dan Baltzer shares how he gets over 850 people to his client events, and how he uses it to grow his business.


The thing you’re creating has to be a big enough hook to interrupt people’s daily planned schedule. -Dan Baltzer



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Why you must know your stakeholders

When planning your event, you need to know who your stakeholders are. Those are the people you need to make happy. These stakeholders include the venue, vendor partners, and the attendees. Craft the event to make all these people happy. If we make agents our stakeholders, we’ll get them to buy into it.


How events impact your sphere of influence communication

Client events give us the opportunity to have multiple and frequent touch points. We can call them a few times to invite them, confirm their attendance, etc. This gives us a reason to call our sphere multiple times without ever asking for anything.


How to optimize the experience  

When planning an event, make sure to walk through the space to see how the people will move through it. Check for any choke points, or any point at which the foot traffic isn’t going towards all the vendors. Remember: controlling the path people take controls the whole experience.


Client events can be an opportunity to drive massive traffic which turns into opportunities for our agents. It’s all about thinking differently about events and paying attention to detail. We have to be clear on the experience we want everyone to have. Everyone there should feel loved and valued. We won’t get positive results unless we do this. If we do it well enough, our sphere of influence will grow, the community will look forward to our events, and vendors will endorse us.