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How to Build a Team Culture and Get More Buyers by Building Rapport w/Linda and Kellie Revoir

May 8, 2018

We all know that building relationships and going that extra mile is what makes us memorable, both with clients and with our teams. How can we go about building strong relationships with our team members? How do we humanize our interactions with buyers and show emotion via text messages? How can we leverage relationships in the digital world? In this episode, Linda and Kellie Revoir share how they leveraged relationships to grow their business.


People look at houses online long before they step foot into the house. -Kellie Revoir



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode


  1. Daily meetings keeps the team glued together

Agents don’t come to a team because of the culture, but they stay and leave because of it. Daily meetings keep the team motivated and accountable. You get to talk with each agent about what they are doing and how it’s working for them. This will open the opportunity not only to coach them but also find out more about who they are as people and build a relationship with them.

  1. Social media is the new word of mouth

Most houses are seen online and your social media profile is the place where prospects get to know you better by scrolling through your posts. Your social media presence is a representation of you, so make sure you have professional photos and content that will make you look professional and trustworthy.

  1. Humanize your text messages

Text messages are the most effective way of reaching out to potential buyers. The problem is that they lack emotion. But when you add a video of yourself to your text message, it’s easier to reach out to buyers and get more responses. People like when they are given a little bit more attention and when they know they are speaking with a real person, not with an automated message.


Video messages convert more. Not only do they have an open rate of 95%, but when you make it interesting and unexpected, you also appear more friendly and likable. However, the mistake many agents make is to try to convince someone over text to sign papers before seeing the house. Let your buyers see the house first and don’t push the sale. You can’t convince someone who is likely to make the biggest purchase of their life to work with you after you’ve sent them a few messages.


Guest Bio

Linda Revoir is a tier 1 coach at Wealth Club with over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. She made the jump to building a business in 2006, a decision that completely changed her life. A few years later she was awarded a number of prizes, including: #1 Top Producer (2016), Bronze Award (2008-2016), Silver Award (2012-2016), and Quality Service Certified GOLD. Today, she is one of the most respected realtors in Springfield and surrounding areas.

Kellie Revoir teamed up with her mother Linda Revoir and continued the family tradition in real estate. She is a tier 2 coach at Wealth Club and she works with her mom in the Springfield area, where she is in charge of the recruitment process at the Revoir team.