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How to Create a Facebook Messenger Lead Funnel w/Christy Lundy and Freddie Sahhar

May 21, 2020

There has never been a better time to use social media marketing than 2020, but we have to be sure we’re using social media to have genuine, one-on-one conversations with our audiences. Platforms like Facebook Messenger give us the opportunity to do just that.


How can we run ads in Facebook Messenger? Is there a way to create a lead funnel on the platform and what does that funnel look like?


To get the best results with our Facebook Messenger ads, we have to make sure we nurture our audiences through every step of the funnel.


On this episode, Coach Christy Lundy introduces us to Freddie Sahhar, a Realtor at Pinamonti Lundy Group at Windermere Homes & Estates. Freddie shares how to create a Facebook Messenger lead funnel. 


Only run your Facebook Messenger ads when you feel you can respond to them- the worst thing you can do for your business is not respond to messages quickly enough. -Freddie Sahhar

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The first stage of the Facebook Messenger lead funnel is awareness. This is where we target people who don’t know us yet, so instead of asking them personal information, we need to offer value, no strings attached.
  • In the consideration stage, we target two custom audiences: both those who responded to our ads, and those who opened our ads without interacting with us.
  • The conversion stage is where we get our audience to share their information and register on our websites. It’s also where we can start creating a lookalike audience.


Guest Bio

Coach Christy Lundy is a Tier 2 Coach at Club Wealth. She has been a teacher and mentor in various capacities throughout her adult life, and loves any opportunity to help real estate professionals achieve the life of their dreams, while having fun. Christy is also a Realtor and Team Leader of the Pinamonti Lundy Group at Windermere Homes & Estates. 


To find out more about Christy, head to: 


Freddie Sahhar is a Realtor at Pinamonti Lundy Group at Windermere Homes & Estates and the owner of Freddie Sahhar Consulting. As a consultant, Freddie specializes in tailoring sales, marketing, and database solutions for his partners. 


To find out more about Freddie, head to: