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How to Find Freedom Through Leverage & Boundary Setting w/Mikki Ramey

July 25, 2019

For real estate team leaders, juggling work-life balance can be a real challenge. How does schedule setting, waking up early, and hiring the right people give us more freedom in our business? How does leverage increase our production? How can we avoid burnout? On this episode, broker and owner of Healthy Realty, Mikki Ramey, shares insights and tips on how we can crush it at home and at work.



There’s a direct correlation between getting really specific with your schedule and increasing your production. -Mikki Ramey


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Hire for attitude, train for skill
    Sometimes the best real estate talent comes from outside our industry. We need to pay attention to people in our sphere who are already good at what they do. They could possibly be good matches for real estate. 

  • How to avoid overworking yourself 
    As team leaders, we often have guilt when we spend any time our way from our business, but we can’t have a great family life if we’re answering every question. Our clients will be happy getting help and questions answered by other agents on the team. 

  • If you want to leverage people you have to trust them
    Don’t micromanage people, empower them. Give them the room to learn and to fail in their role. 
    We won’t allow them to grow, and we’ll never be able to find out their superpower. Trust is important in being able to gain more freedom. 

No amount of success at work can make up for failure at home. When we don’t work to have work-life balance, our families and our own health suffer. Leverage is one way we can start getting back our freedom. The benefits of getting a team aren’t just for the team leader, they are for everyone on the team because it means no one will be spread too thin. The more deliberate and structured we are in what we’re doing, the more success you’ll have.


Guest Bio

Mikki is the broker/owner of Healthy Realty. The Mikki Ramey team is in the top 1% for sales in Charleston (14 out of 4100 agents). Mikki has appeared on HGTV National Open House, and also has been featured in HGTV Magazine. She has been recognized by Charleston Moms as the “best real estate agent in Charleston” by Lowcountry Parent’s Magazine. In addition, Trulia picked her as one of the 1% of agents in the country with the 2014 Best of Trulia Top Agent Award.Mikki has been recognized for her excellence in real estate as an East Cooper Top Producer and a Realtor of Distinction. Mikki is also certified as a Short Sale and Foreclosure specialist. She is a licensed real estate broker in South Carolina and is a member of the National Association of Realtors. As a realtor, she gives real estate lectures to students, residents, dentists, and doctors at the Medical University of South Carolina.

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