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How to Generate Sellers in a Low-Inventory Market w/Grant Wise

May 14, 2020

Agents need to learn how to generate sellers now, because in a couple years, the saying, ‘you have to list to last,’ won’t be a saying anymore - it’ll be a reality! How can we generate listings in a market with low inventory? Can we use technology to find motivated sellers and how much money should we be spending in the process? On this episode, President of Witly and Founder of Grant Wise Enterprises, Grant Wise, shares how to generate sellers in a low-inventory market. 


Start learning to generate sellers now: In the future, being able to generate leads won’t just be a skillset- it’ll be a requirement. -Grant Wise

Three Things We Learned From This Episode


  • Set up a ‘fish in a barrel’ campaign
    Get buyers to record a short, 60 second clip sharing their story - why they want to buy, where they’re hoping to buy and what they’re looking for, and post it on the internet. Reaching out to potential sellers is an age-old strategy that has brought agents results for decades:  the only difference is now we can use technology to do it.

  • Use Facebook Ads to follow sellers all over the internet
    While boosting our videos can bring us marginal success, using Facebook Ads to target sellers can take our business to new heights. Use Facebook Ads to ensure we get in front of our target audience all over the internet by having a presence on every blog, game or article potential sellers use, we’ll be top of mind.
  • Spend money to make money
    The best way to inject rocketfuel into our businesses is by spending money on growth. We can follow our leads all over the internet by spending just $3 a day, so be sure to prioritize investing back into our businesses as much as our cash flow allows.


Guest Bio

Grant Wise is the President of Witly, a Client Generation Software that helps Real Estate Professionals leverage modern training and technology to enhance their results. He is also the Founder of Grant Wise Enterprises and Modern Agent Mastery. Grant is passionate about helping agents get the best results by taking advantage of everything digital marketing and advertising have to offer. 


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Brian Curtis is a Tier 4 coach at Club Wealth. After spending five years in the Air Force as a Nuclear Missile Officer, he became a licensed agent in 2001. In his time as a real estate professional, Brian has seen the ups and downs of the real estate market from multiple angles: from being a Broker/Owner to being a team leader.


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