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How To Get 50 Leads In 2 Days w/Coach Lindsay NcCorchuk and Casey O’Toole

July 2, 2020

With so many agents using Facebook to build connections and find leads, the platform has become saturated. Now is the time to move to another, under-utilized space: Linkedin.

Linkedin offers agents an opportunity to grow our professional networks and SOIs, but it also gives us the opportunity to find interested buyers and sellers. 

How can we use Linkedin as real estate agents? What should we be including in our profiles to make sure we build great connections with the right people?

In this episode, Coach Lindsay NcCorchuk and Casey O’Toole of My Linked Solution share how to get 50 leads in just 2 days, using Linkedin. 


 It’s not easy getting 2500 views on Facebook- but it is on Linkedin. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Linkedin is relatively under-utilized by businesses at the moment. Seize the opportunity and act now
  • Write a great Linkedin bio and be sure to only share content relevant to real estate
  • Don’t be afraid to include an existing SOI on Linkedin; make sure friends and family know our value propositions


Guest Bio

Coach Lindsay NcCorchuk is a Tier 1 coach at Club Wealth. She is also the Owner and Team Lead at Lux Home Team in the Greater Seattle area. Lindsay has also always been an entrepreneur at heart, having owned an espresso stand at 18, and later managing a high end cosmetic dermatology office.


To find out more about Coach Lindsay, visit:


Casey O’Toole is a top-producing Real Estate Agent in Santa Barbara. He is also the developer of My Linked Solution, a highly effective lead generation platform. 


To find out more about Casey, head to: 


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