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How to Get On Track to 100+ Sales Per Month

September 19, 2018

All agents dream of scaling up their business, but what’s different about the mindset of someone who is already closing 100 deals per month? How can we break into new niches such as REO? What’s the best way to motivate our team? And how do we prevent our business from leaking money after a lead source disappears? In this episode, we talk about tips and tactics that will get you closer to your goal.



Sales is learning to communicate in a way that we can both win. -Brian Curtis



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. How to get rid of our limiting beliefs

    If we want to prepare ourselves mentally for the kind of work that requires selling 100 homes per month, we need to study the people who already did it. We can’t learn by spending our time with people who don’t believe in success at this scale. Often, the people we have around us don’t believe in us when it comes to our goals for building a successful career. As a result, we need to distance ourselves from people who don’t have faith in us and surround ourselves with those who do.

  2. Networking is the best way to break into a new niche

    If we’re looking to break into a new niche, going to networking events is a must. However, we shouldn’t just flock to the people who are already surrounded by other beginners like us. Instead, we should find their names, contact info, and what they could use help with. When we introduce ourselves, we shouldn’t just ask for something from them—we need to deliver something of value as well. This way, we be taken seriously and get more chances to spend time with seniors in the niche we want to break into.

  3. We need to find people’s motivations

    Our motivations are more diverse than we think. A raise to our agents isn’t always a good motivator. If we want our team to perform well, we need to find out what each agent needs. Once we find what our people are looking for, it’s easier to leverage them.


When we aim for a higher income, we need to aim for at least 25 diverse lead sources. If we only rely on a few lead sources, we have no safety net. If one of the lead sources dries up, our business is lost. The same concept applies to having 5 buyer’s agents on our team. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. If one of those agents thinks about starting their own business, our income will dip drastically as well.