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How to Harness The Power of the Phone w/Albert Garibaldi

January 17, 2019

Too many agents wait for business to come to them instead of getting on the phone and chasing leads. What are some of the causes of phone paralysis and how can we overcome them? How do you live your life with passion by serving your clients?

In this explosive episode of Club Wealth TV, we propel you right into the New Year with Albert Garibaldi, top motivational speaker and author, who has had a brilliant real estate career with $1M in GCI. He shares on finding success on the phone, navigating rejection, and building confidence.



The first 10-15 second from the time they pick up the phone are the seconds you to connect with them. -Albert Garibaldi



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How to fuel your goals
    Write down specific a “why” for what you want to do and that will give you the burning desire to get into action. You have to be really specific so that “why” helps you overcome any hesitation, procrastination or inaction.  

  • How to succeed with expired's
    Mirror their emotions whether they are mad or annoyed, get on their side, and then take them where you’re going. Start with mirroring and matching them so they feel understood.

  • The importance of tracking your goals
    In order to keep pushing yourself towards something, it’s important to make note of even small successes. The reason it often feels like we’re not getting anywhere is that we don’t look back at our goals so we can see the small wins.


The reason so many agents struggle to get any real results and never reach their full potential is the way they think about the phone. Whether you’re hesitant, scared of rejection, or just not committed to doing it consistently, this shows up in the prospecting results you get. The most powerful thing we can do is dedicate ourselves to the phone, stop telling ourselves negative stories, and keep track of our goals so we can actually see the small wins. This is how we can be unstoppable in 2019.