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How to Have More Effective Phone Conversations w/Isaiah Colton, Mark Benefiel and Brian Curtis

May 28, 2020

To differentiate ourselves from every other agent in the market, we have to change up our marketing and stop relying on just one method of communication. If we want to make a big impact on our leads, we need to have a multi-channel marketing strategy.

How can we approach calls in a way that sets ourselves apart from the competition? 

One of the key things we have to remember before even dialing a lead’s number is preparation: we have to do our research before attempting a conversation.

On this episode, Club Wealth Coaches Brian Curtis and Mark Benefiel, along with sales and marketing coach Isaiah Colton, share how to have more effective phone conversations. 


You have to engage with your database through multiple platforms. -Isaiah Colton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Do something different to get through the door. Instead of simply making calls, we need to contact our leads through multiple channels.

  • Be strategic: we can’t just sit down and start calling our leads, we have to be prepared for them. Set aside time to prepare for calls.

  • Make the calling list and do research the night before making calls. This saves a lot of time and ensures we go into conversations with more confidence.