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How to Increase Your Success Ratio In the Listings Business w/Coach David Stites

June 4, 2020

To increase our chances of success, we need to get more listings. To do that, we have to ensure we show up to appointments prepared. We want to go in knowing what to say to clients, without running the risk of information fatigue.

Setting up checklists which we regularly add relevant pointers to is a great place to begin, but that’s just the start. 

How can we prepare efficiently and effectively for a listing appointment? 

On this episode, Coach David Stites shares how to increase our success ratios by being more prepared for appointments. 

Be prepared to feel confident from the first appointment. If you seem unsure, the client will question you every step of the way. -David Stites


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


  • The importance of looking the part
    One of the best ways to show potential clients we’re prepared for an appointment and take their time seriously is by looking the part. Dress professionally for every appointment. 
  • How to ask the right questions
    Stop asking ‘yes or no’ questions: Formulate questions that ask if clients are ready to sell with us, without overtly asking for their business. One of the biggest things holding agents back from closing is their feelings of discomfort. Eliminate the awkwardness by asking questions that get us to an assumptive close.
  • Why we need to keep a listing agreement on hand
    While a lot of agents like to think electronic agreements are the way of the future, our safest bet is to keep a few physical copies of listing agreements with us, wherever we go. This gives us the chance to sign before leaving, and stops us from leaving anything to chance.