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How to Recruit 100 Agents in A Year w/Grant Wortman

February 28, 2020

In order to grow a solid and successful team in real estate, we need an effective recruiting strategy. Our guest today has developed such a good recruiting system that he brought in 100 agents in 2019. How do we develop a worthy value proposition that makes people actually want to work with us? What are the biggest mistakes people are making? How do we develop a repeatable and scalable recruiting system? On this episode, broker/owner Grant Wortman shares his winning recruitment formula. 

The onboarding process is huge for bringing people in because if they don’t feel safe, and that the process of moving over is bumpy, it’s a waste of time. -Grant Wortman  


Three Things We Learned From This Episode


  • Persistence isn’t an effective recruiting strategy
    If we try to convince agents to join our teams by being persistent, we’ll just put them off. Instead, we need to listen, ask questions and ask about their goals and find a way to encourage them and add value. 
  • Recruiting is no different to sales
    Recruiting is like any type of sales, rejection is just part of the deal. Be ready to hear a lot of ‘No’s’ from people, and for some people to need time to make their decision. If we build our recruiting strategy as a system, we will also get a lot of people saying yes. 
  • Being a champion of your agents has a multi-tiered benefit
    Post on social media celebrating the wins of agents. It helps with retention because agents on our team will feel encouraged. It also helps with recruiting because people will want to work for a brokerage/team that will celebrate them.


Guest Bio


Grant is the broker owner at Chamberlain Realty