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How to Use the Enneagram Assessment to Communicate & Sell More Effectively w/Matt Cavanaugh

September 27, 2019


Success in sales leans heavily on our ability to understand people and how they tick. The Enneagream is a method we can use to resonate with people and speak their language. What is an Enneagram and how will it help us foster better relationships with our buyers and sellers? How do we tailor our presentations and pitches according to the personalities? How do we find what our client’s Enneagram number is and what drives them? On this episode, sales expert Matt Cavanaugh shares on how to use this personality assessment in order to get better at communicating in and out of our businesses.


The two principles that will work for anyone in sales are confidence and authenticity. -Matt Cavanaugh


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • The 9 Enneagram Personalities 
  1. The Perfectionist
  2. The Helper 
  3. The Achiever
  4. The Emotional Creative
  5. The Investigator 
  6. The Fear-based Personality 
  7. The Enthusiast
  8. The Challenger
  9. The Peacemaker

  • There is a way to quickly qualify someone’s personality
    You can quickly read what number someone is on the Enneagram, based on how they answer questions, and the kind of information they ask us for. If someone is detail-oriented they are a 1,5 or 6. If they are results-oriented, they are a 3,7 or 8. If they are more people-oriented, they are a 2,4 or 9.

  • The Enneagram accounts for both our weaknesses and strengths
    The Enneagram accounts for how we grow as human beings. When we are healthy and at our best, we will take on the positive attributes of another number. When we’re stressed, we take on the negative aspects of another number.

Whatever personality assessment we swear by, it all comes down to an overall awareness of people and how they tick. It’s about taking the time to understand someone instead of bulldozing over them to get our way. If we want to use the Enneagram, it’s important that we do it on ourselves first, then on our close friends and family members. Ultimately, this will be an effective tool to have in our pockets. It will deliver value for the rest of our careers, so we should take small steps towards learning and utilizing it.

Guest Bio

Matt Cavanaugh is a professionally trained salesman and negotiator armed with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Prior to real estate, he spent over 3 years selling and negotiating over 100 industrial service contacts a year with some of the largest companies in the country. After having great success in industrial sales, he began his journey in real estate. 

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