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Increasing Your PROFIT in 2020! Understanding your P&L w/Christy Horne & Ron Anderson

February 20, 2020

As business owners, tracking our money is one of the most critical exercises we need to do. Tracking finances with our bank accounts isn’t enough for us to get the information that helps us make better decisions, so we need a P&L. How does knowing and understanding our numbers increase our profitability? How do we use our P&L to profit expenses and to plan for things like taxes? On this episode, Coach Christy Horne shares the importance of keeping track of your profit and loss on a monthly basis.  

A lot of us only look at our P&L when we’re giving it to the CPA to do our taxes, but we need to look at it daily, weekly, monthly so we can make business decisions with it. -Christy Horne 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Good P&L data comes from having the right categories 
    When it comes to creating categories in our P&L, it’s important not to make them too broad. Instead of having generic buckets, have specific, granular categories showing every expense and every income type. Every item between $250 and up should be its own line item, so we can get a clear representation on how we’re spending our money.

  • Run your real estate job like a business
    Think of your business as a brick and mortar business. We need to operate it out of our business accounts. Have a checking, savings and credit account for business, and keep that on its own. Have a brick wall between business and personal finances. 

  • Plan ahead for your spending 
    When we take a closer look at our P&L, we’re able to actually forecast our spending. Think about your future expenses, events you’re going to attend, and subscriptions you’re going to pay so we can create a benchmark of profitability.


Guest Bio -

Christy is a Tier 1 coach at Club Wealth. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree and Master’s in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas in Austin. She began her career as a CPA at Ernst & Young before transitioning into the Real Estate Industry in 2013. To access Coach Christy Horne’s resources, visit