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Kidz in the Biz: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today w/ Amber Santa Ana, Grace Ray, Austin Hellickson and Maddison Hellickson

July 25, 2018

 We often underestimate the impact our children can have on our business, or the long-term benefits of learning what hard work looks like from an early age. How can working with us impact our children? How will this affect their future careers? And why is it important for them to learn strong work ethic early on? In this episode, we will share 4 amazing stories of teens who work side by side with their parents to grow their family business.


Ultimately, we all have the same goal. We want to build our company and leave a legacy. -Amber Santa Ana



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. The hours invested today will pay off tomorrow

Whether our children decide to continue working on our business or find a new path for themselves, the discipline and the work ethic learned now will help them in any career they pursue. While most young adults will still be struggling to adapt to their new reality after graduating from school, teens who worked early on will be a step ahead.


  1. A small job doesn't always mean a small impact

Even if kids won’t do much in the beginning while they’re still learning the ropes, we should strive to motivate them to make the best out of their role. This involves encouraging them to be outspoken when they see something that needs to be improved.


  1. Teens are often underestimated

We often underestimate the capability of our children. As a result, we risk losing the opportunity of including a generation in our business that has a firm grasp of what happens in the online environment. If we provide them with the right tools, they have the opportunity not only to follow our directions, but also come up with new suggestions based on their unique perspective.


The greatest gift we can give to our children is the opportunity to do something truly valuable with their time and prepare them for adulthood. Life after graduation can be a stressful change for many young adults. They suddenly have to deal with a new reality that they were previously sheltered from: responsibility, work, and bills. If we can prepare our children for what they’ll need later in life, we will put them one step ahead of the game. They’ll also have the valuable work experience that they can leverage into their next job or endeavor.


Guest Bio

  • Amber Santa Ana graduated high school early at 17 and contributes to her parent’s business, a property management company. Currently, she is looking to grow the business by attracting more talent via internships.
  • Grace Ray is 16 years old and has been part of the family business since she remembers.Today, she handles the systems behind the family business. She is focused on making small tweaks that have a significant impact on the time and money saved. She is also part of the Club Wealth Youth Squad.
  • Austin Hellickson is only 15 years old, and is the Relationship Manager interning at Club Wealth. Part of his job is to build a relationships with clients and teach them how Club Wealth can help them out.
  • Maddison Hellickson is a 17 year old student and marketing assistant for club Wealth. She loves learning about web development and marketing strategies, and part of her job is to implement everything she learns to grow her family business.