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LinkedIn Leads and Leverage w/Lindsay NcCorchuk

February 17, 2020

When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is an underestimated and overlooked platform. What makes LinkedIn a great lead generation tool? How do we develop a good value proposition that engages with people? How can a charitable component in our real estate businesses help us build relationships? On this episode, Club Wealth coach and agent, Lindsay NcCorchuk, shares how she’s made $70k in 6 months on LinkedIn alone. You will find out her SECRET SAUCE to gaining new clients using LinkedIn.


LinkedIn isn’t just a source of leads for buyers and sellers, it also helps you grow your network or SOI. -Lindsay NcCorchuk 

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Have the right value proposition 
    Value proposition matters on LinkedIn. A free home warrantee or money back at closing won’t engage with people or make them want to connect. In Lindsay’s case, her value proposition is the charity component she has in her business, which many people on LinkedIn value. If we’re using a charity component, it’s important that it’s something we’re passionate about. 
  • Lead with building relationships 
    Don’t just think buyers and sellers for LinkedIn. We can also use it to connect with people, start conversations, build relationships and expand our spheres of influence. If we do this regularly, we’ll build a healthy database from that platform alone. 
  • On LinkedIn there’s less speed-to-lead pressure
    Speed to lead is important but not as critical as other platforms. We need to get back to people, but not in as little as 30 seconds like other lead generation tools. People aren’t expecting immediate responses, and also your value proposition takes away the need for urgent contact.