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Pro-Active vs. Re-Active Lead Gen w/Chris Watters

May 8, 2018

People fail in real estate because they don’t put the effort towards prospecting and lead generation. How do you create an environment where people are excited to come in and put in the work? How do you create a career trajectory that will actually lead to success? How do you set better standards? On this episode, we talk to authors of the book, The Million Dollar Real Estate Team, Chris Watters and Bradley Pounds about the lessons they learned in building their mega-team.


It is your job as a team leader to build a high energy environment where people want to be in the office calling and prospecting. -Chris Watters



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Recruiting first

If you want to build a mega-team that’s going to do big production, you need a full-time recruiter especially when you’re in that beginning stage of building up. Once you switch from agent to team leader, you’re in the recruiting business and you’ll spend a long time doing that.


Build an effective career trajectory

Build a graduating ladder for your agents so that they know that they have earn the leads that have the highest conversion rates. If agents don’t learn this, they’ll never appreciate the work it takes to prospect.


“Appointments set” should be the first thing you measure

It’s so easy to get focused on deals closed but what you should be measuring first is appointments set because that drives everything else. That will also tell you if they are putting forth the activities and applying effort needed to succeed.


When you’re trying to build your mega-team, it’s so easy to put recruiting on the back burner, but it should be a focus if you really want to get the results you want. Finding the “who” is the most important ingredient to your success so you have to have a good system for it. Remember, what you are looking for are individuals who are highly coachable, and if you have a natural tendency to hold onto recruits for too long that’s something you should work on. You have to set objective standards because they are a good predictor of how someone will perform over time. Proactive lead generation comes down to having the right people in place, and the right environment to get people into prospecting.


Guest Bio

Chris is the founder of Watters International. In 2016, his team successfully closed over $100+ Million in sales and helped hundreds of families in the purchase or sale of a home. In 2015, Chris began opening branches across Texas and partnering with other successful agents and team leaders, assisting them in duplicating their success. To find out more about Chris and his team, visit or find out more about his book on getting started on building a team at