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Ready, Set, Onboard!: How To Effectively Onboard Agents w/Donnie Morrow

September 12, 2019

Onboarding is a hot topic and one many team leaders struggle with. However, the real issue is that we overcomplicate the process. What are some of the biggest onboarding mistakes we are making on our teams? How do we train for both sales and admin, and how can we make the transition into our teams as smooth as possible? What values and mindsets should we be instilling in the first few weeks? On this episode, Club Wealth Tier 3 coach and Tier 4 coaching client Donnie Morrow, shares how we can implement a world class onboarding process for our teams. 

When it comes to onboarding, people get too wrapped up in the training aspect, but the biggest thing is implementation. Take action and you can fix some of the stuff along the way.
-Donnie Morrow


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • We can balance both new and seasoned agents in our team for the benefit of the business
    When thinking long-term, we’re more productive with new agents. However, if we want short-term productivity, we should go for experienced agents. There is a space for both in our businesses. With experienced agents, we’ll have to train out the bad habits and egos. With new agents, we have to train them in how to start making money. 

  • Leverage your in-person training
    Our training doesn’t have to be one-on-one, it can be one-to-many. There’s a synergy that happens when we hire one-to-many that we don’t get one-to-one.  

  • The onboarding process shouldn’t be a balance between fun and education
    Even though onboarding is an important and critical process in our business, it should also be fun. We want our agents to feel excited about joining our team. We want to make them feel like rockstars! The entire onboarding process becomes much more engaging for our agents when they are enjoying themselves.


The goal with onboarding our agents is to bring them into our world. We should do this in a fun and simple way that makes them feel like a part of something great. We need to have a simple system in place that we can follow consistently every single time because ultimately, we want people to engage with the training. That’s what will give them success on our teams and in the industry.


Guest Bio

Donnie is the team leader at the Morrow Group and a Club Wealth coach and client. To get Donnie’s training checklist, go to