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Recruiting: How to Find, Hire & Train the Best Talent for Our Teams w/Jay Niblick

November 7, 2018

Recruiting is constantly on the minds of leaders looking for the best way to bring on talent. Why is it so important to have filters in our hiring process? What does a candidate’s resume really tell you, and how should their personality factor in? Should we only be looking for licensed agents? On this episode, Wizehire CEO Jay Niblick shares insights on their process and how they help team leaders get the best people to come onboard.


When you’re hiring, take your sales hat off and put on your home seller hat. -Jay Niblick



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How to know you need to bring someone on
    The key metric that determines whether we should be hiring someone to help us is when we get to a point where we can’t handle the business because we’re doing other things like admin. When our bandwidth is maxed out even with an assistant, that’s when you need to bring on a buyer’s agent or two.

  • Hiring on the resume vs. hiring on personality
    Don’t base your hiring decision too much on the resume. Remember: it’s a document written by a salesperson, and they will sell themselves as well as they possibly can. Even if they have references, it’s not like they will put the boss that last fired them. Put the weight of the decision on their personality and the interview.

  • Why unlicensed agents can also be great hires
    A lot of us shy away from agents who are newer to the industry, or aren’t licensed yet. However, we have to question why the more experienced agent isn’t managing to get to the next level, and whether we might have to train out some bad habits. With new agents, we can start them off as ISAs for 90 days, train them, and see if they can grow. That’s a great filter for getting really good talent and then making sure they fit the culture.


When we’re faced with a wide pool of talent, it can be difficult to bring it down to the valuable few that will really boost our businesses. DISC profiles help us determine the kind of people they are and what we can expect, but personality and character matter, too. Are they willing to do a DISC assessment, show up to calls on time, and reply to emails? Those things are all very telling. When we hire, we should think like a home seller who has something of value to award to the right person. When that right person comes along, they are given the opportunity of working with us.


Guest Bio

Jay Niblick is the founder of Wize Hire, a real estate recruiting software with a data-driven approach to the hiring process. He matches companies with the perfect candidate based on behaviour, communication style, and values. For more information, go to.