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Recruiting New-to-the-Industry Agents and How to Excel with In-Office Listing Presentations w/ Kevin Yoder

August 1, 2018

Most team leaders would never entertain the idea of hiring agents who are new to the industry, but it is something we should all consider. What are the benefits of hiring “green” talent, and how do you interview to find the right fit? When it comes to listing presentations, how can you hold them in your office successfully? How do you make sure you go above and beyond your competition in these in-office presentations? On this episode, Kevin Yoder shares how he’s making two over-looked strategies work for his team.



When we invest the right amount of time and resources into the right thing, we get return on investment.
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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Show clients the value of coming to your office as early as possible

  • Great leaders aren’t afraid to train people to become better than themselves
  • New agents in the industry provide the best coaching opportunity for us 


If we want to win with in-office listings, the value we bring to the client has to be clear right from the start. If they see the value, they won’t object to doing things differently from other agents in the market. When it comes to hiring, most of us make the mistake of hiring for skills rather than talent. Experienced agents may have the skill, but talent is a different thing entirely. When you go out specifically looking for experienced agents, you’re hiring for skill and hoping they have talent. Try to look for the talent first, and invest in teaching the necessary skills.


Guest Bio

Kevin is the founder of Yoder Real Estate in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His team are now on track to do 250 homes sales in 2018, which is a 40% increase from the previous year. Kevin attributes this recent success to learning how to master recruiting and surrounding himself with great people.  Go to for more information.