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Team Retention & Creating a Culture of Winners w/Heidi Hines

June 13, 2018

Getting the right people on your team is hard, and keeping them is even harder. Retaining team members for as long as 20 years is nearly unheard of, yet our guest has done just that. What are keys to hiring well, keeping people on your team for a long time, and creating a family feel? How does a dynamic of responsibility and humility impact culture from the top down? On this episode, we talk to Heidi Hines about creating a culture of people who want to win, who love their team, and want to stay.

Make sure people feel good. You want people to want to come to work. -Heidi Hines



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Try to maintain good relationships with all agents. We never know where our next great recruit will come from.

RecruIting people on the other side of the transaction is a great idea. When we work with someone on a transaction, we get a feel for what it would be like to work with them. You get to see how they handle themselves under pressure, and that’s important.


Culture is key to a successful and happy team.

A good real estate agent who doesn’t fit into your culture is a bad hire. The right person is good, and they also fit into the culture. If you can get that right, you’ll find that people will stay longer and love working with you.


Be humble & take responsibility.

The single most important word in creating the culture that is going to see you through the tough times is “humility”. As a leader, remember this isn’t all about you. There is a group of people working together for a common goal. When something goes wrong, it’s ultimately your responsibility. The key is taking ownership, but not letting it drag you down.  


People don’t stay on our teams because of the money or the leads. They stay because of our culture. Culture is the sum of all the people on our team, and you have to be really careful about who those people and personalities are. The goal is to get the team to the level of being a family. Foster an environment of humility, teamwork, positive conflict, and value. If we want to create a life worth living, we have to co-create it with other people. Don’t focus on the result of selling houses. Focus on having a great culture of great people who serve our clients. If we do that, the rest takes care of itself.


Guest Bio

Heidi is a full service Realtor and has been a top producing team leader in and around Charlotte, NC, for over a decade. Heidi is a dynamic marketer that gets quick and profitable results for her sellers, as well as aggressively working for each buyer to help them find their next dream house. Heidi and her team, TeamHeidi, are continually recognized through local and national awards.