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The Power of Humble Implementation & Doing the Tasks that Lead to Success w/Michael Baird

July 12, 2018

One of the biggest misunderstandings in real estate is what a team leader actually does. It’s not about sitting back and collecting a paycheck. What is the truth about what it takes to succeed? How do we know if the time is right to grow a team? How do we learn to push things forward in our team? On this episode, we talk to Michael Baird who shares on transitioning from solo agent to team leader.  

You want to be the one to call them when they’re ready. You’ll never know when they’re ready, so you gotta keep calling. -Michael Baird



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Success has a lot to do with repetition

    A large part of success is doing what you’re good at over and over again. It’s all about getting into the habit of doing what you have to do, even when it gets tedious.


  • Team leaders have to bring value to the table

    When you’re a team leader, you aren’t just going to sit back while the money rolls in. You have to constantly add value to the people you lead. That means as a leader, you have to constantly be improving and growing yourself so you can be of use.


  • You have to seek your clients, not wait for them to seek you

    The idea of a brand new lead is quite silly. People buying houses don’t just suddenly call an agent. They go through the process of checking the MLS, and you’re going to get the listing by seeking them in the process, not waiting for them to seek you. Just because a lead is higher up in the funnel that doesn’t make them a bad lead. It just means they’re not a “tomorrow” lead.


Being successful can be exciting, but getting there rarely ever is. To succeed you have to be willing and able to repeatedly do the tasks that are necessary. Don’t be afraid of the grind, and be willing to eat the frog. You have to do those things you don’t really want to do until you can afford to pay someone else to do it for you.