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This System Guarantees 100 Leads in 2 days w/Coach Angie Cody and Scott Pierce

June 25, 2020

To run successful businesses, we have to automate, delegate and eliminate tasks that aren’t our best and highest use of our time. We shouldn’t be using our precious time to update listings on our social media, we need a system that does it for us.

Does a system like this even exist? And if it does, is it available at a realistic price point?

Listings to Leads offers arguably the best ROI on leads. It’s for this reason that the coaches at Club Wealth use and endorse it. The real question we should be asking is, why aren’t we all? 

In this episode, Coach Angie Cody and CEO of Listings to Leads, Scott Pierce share how the upcoming Listings to Leads workshop can help agents get 100 leads in just 2 days - guaranteed! 


Listings to Leads is the best technology out there- it’s arguably the best ROI on leads. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Set up a Listings to Leads profile and syndicate listings. This allows the system to auto post our listings to social media so we don’t have to!

  • Record a video that outlines past transactions and how we overcame challenges with listings. This can be added to Listings to Leads and shared across all our social media platforms as marketing.

  • Take advantage of the AI bots on Listings to Leads. The bots communicate with leads so we don’t have to, but we still have the option to enter the conversations ourselves at any time.


Guest Bio

Angie Cody is a Tier 2 coach at Club Wealth. She is also the Team Lead/Owner of the Angie Cody Real Estate Team at Exp. Over the past year, Angie has done over 20 million dollars in transaction volume and closed over 100 transactions. 


To find out more about Angie, visit: 


Scott Pierce is the CEO of Listings to Leads. As a former technology industry insider, Scott has worked with Silicon Valley firms including Oracle, Intel, Apple Computer and Cisco Systems, among others. Scott has developed and successfully implemented the listings-to-Leads (L2L) strategies and tactics at leading real estate brokerages across the United States.


To find out more about Scott, visit:


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