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White Label CRM for Brokers, Teams and Agents! w/Brandon Wise

November 21, 2019

When it comes to CRMs, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding which one works for our businesses. Are there affordable options available that can provide us with the technology we need without breaking the bank? Do affordable options offer enough additional services to help us stand out in the industry? On this episode, CEO of Wise Agent, Brandon Wise, shares how to use this affordable CRM to our benefits.


If you want to be able to provide great technology for your brokerage agents at an affordable price and have it white labeled, Wise Agent is for you. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Affordable options exist
    A CRM like Wise Agent is a great option for solo agents and new broker owners thanks to its affordability. The great thing is, despite the low price, Wise Agent offers great capabilities and functionality. 

  • Stand out with White Labeling
    Wise Agent offers its clients the ability to ‘White Label,’ the technology. This gives users an edge, as our brands look instantly sophisticated. Make use of the platforms’ personalizable landing pages to help boost our businesses’ profiles. 

  • Take advantage of social media enhancement
    Wise Agent offers users the opportunity to find ample information on new leads. By simply putting their email address on the landing page, the CRM can pull information on a leads’ profession and social media handles. Having this information gives us an opportunity to engage with leads more effectively than our competitors can.


Guest Bio

Brandon Wise is the CEO of Wise Agent. After becoming disenchanted with the CRMs available to him as a Realtor, Brandon pitched his idea for a better option to his programmer best friend, Mike Becker, in 2002. Initially intended to help him with Mike’s own business, Brandon and Mike soon realized that the technology they were working on was what every agent was looking for. 15 years later, Wise Agent is now the most recommended CRM in the real estate industry.


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