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How to Increase Your Success Ratio In the Listings Business w/Coach David Stites

To increase our chances of success, we need to get more listings. To do that, we have to ensure we show up to appointments prepared. We want to go in knowing what to say to clients, without running the risk of information fatigue.

Setting up checklists which we regularly add relevant pointers to is a great place to begin, but that’s just the start. 

How can we prepare efficiently and effectively for a listing appointment? 

On this episode, Coach David Stites shares how to increase our success ratios by being more prepared for appointments. 

Be prepared to feel confident from the first appointment. If you seem unsure, the client will question you every step of the way. -David Stites


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


  • The importance of looking the part
    One of the best ways to show potential clients we’re prepared for an appointment and take their time seriously is by looking the part. Dress professionally for every appointment. 
  • How to ask the right questions
    Stop asking ‘yes or no’ questions: Formulate questions that ask if clients are ready to sell with us, without overtly asking for their business. One of the biggest things holding agents back from closing is their feelings of discomfort. Eliminate the awkwardness by asking questions that get us to an assumptive close.
  • Why we need to keep a listing agreement on hand
    While a lot of agents like to think electronic agreements are the way of the future, our safest bet is to keep a few physical copies of listing agreements with us, wherever we go. This gives us the chance to sign before leaving, and stops us from leaving anything to chance. 

How to Have More Effective Phone Conversations w/Isaiah Colton, Mark Benefiel and Brian Curtis

To differentiate ourselves from every other agent in the market, we have to change up our marketing and stop relying on just one method of communication. If we want to make a big impact on our leads, we need to have a multi-channel marketing strategy.

How can we approach calls in a way that sets ourselves apart from the competition? 

One of the key things we have to remember before even dialing a lead’s number is preparation: we have to do our research before attempting a conversation.

On this episode, Club Wealth Coaches Brian Curtis and Mark Benefiel, along with sales and marketing coach Isaiah Colton, share how to have more effective phone conversations. 


You have to engage with your database through multiple platforms. -Isaiah Colton


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Do something different to get through the door. Instead of simply making calls, we need to contact our leads through multiple channels.

  • Be strategic: we can’t just sit down and start calling our leads, we have to be prepared for them. Set aside time to prepare for calls.

  • Make the calling list and do research the night before making calls. This saves a lot of time and ensures we go into conversations with more confidence.

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Lead Funnel w/Christy Lundy and Freddie Sahhar

There has never been a better time to use social media marketing than 2020, but we have to be sure we’re using social media to have genuine, one-on-one conversations with our audiences. Platforms like Facebook Messenger give us the opportunity to do just that.


How can we run ads in Facebook Messenger? Is there a way to create a lead funnel on the platform and what does that funnel look like?


To get the best results with our Facebook Messenger ads, we have to make sure we nurture our audiences through every step of the funnel.


On this episode, Coach Christy Lundy introduces us to Freddie Sahhar, a Realtor at Pinamonti Lundy Group at Windermere Homes & Estates. Freddie shares how to create a Facebook Messenger lead funnel. 


Only run your Facebook Messenger ads when you feel you can respond to them- the worst thing you can do for your business is not respond to messages quickly enough. -Freddie Sahhar

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The first stage of the Facebook Messenger lead funnel is awareness. This is where we target people who don’t know us yet, so instead of asking them personal information, we need to offer value, no strings attached.
  • In the consideration stage, we target two custom audiences: both those who responded to our ads, and those who opened our ads without interacting with us.
  • The conversion stage is where we get our audience to share their information and register on our websites. It’s also where we can start creating a lookalike audience.


Guest Bio

Coach Christy Lundy is a Tier 2 Coach at Club Wealth. She has been a teacher and mentor in various capacities throughout her adult life, and loves any opportunity to help real estate professionals achieve the life of their dreams, while having fun. Christy is also a Realtor and Team Leader of the Pinamonti Lundy Group at Windermere Homes & Estates. 


To find out more about Christy, head to: 


Freddie Sahhar is a Realtor at Pinamonti Lundy Group at Windermere Homes & Estates and the owner of Freddie Sahhar Consulting. As a consultant, Freddie specializes in tailoring sales, marketing, and database solutions for his partners. 


To find out more about Freddie, head to: 

How to Generate Sellers in a Low-Inventory Market w/Grant Wise

Agents need to learn how to generate sellers now, because in a couple years, the saying, ‘you have to list to last,’ won’t be a saying anymore - it’ll be a reality! How can we generate listings in a market with low inventory? Can we use technology to find motivated sellers and how much money should we be spending in the process? On this episode, President of Witly and Founder of Grant Wise Enterprises, Grant Wise, shares how to generate sellers in a low-inventory market. 


Start learning to generate sellers now: In the future, being able to generate leads won’t just be a skillset- it’ll be a requirement. -Grant Wise

Three Things We Learned From This Episode


  • Set up a ‘fish in a barrel’ campaign
    Get buyers to record a short, 60 second clip sharing their story - why they want to buy, where they’re hoping to buy and what they’re looking for, and post it on the internet. Reaching out to potential sellers is an age-old strategy that has brought agents results for decades:  the only difference is now we can use technology to do it.

  • Use Facebook Ads to follow sellers all over the internet
    While boosting our videos can bring us marginal success, using Facebook Ads to target sellers can take our business to new heights. Use Facebook Ads to ensure we get in front of our target audience all over the internet by having a presence on every blog, game or article potential sellers use, we’ll be top of mind.
  • Spend money to make money
    The best way to inject rocketfuel into our businesses is by spending money on growth. We can follow our leads all over the internet by spending just $3 a day, so be sure to prioritize investing back into our businesses as much as our cash flow allows.


Guest Bio

Grant Wise is the President of Witly, a Client Generation Software that helps Real Estate Professionals leverage modern training and technology to enhance their results. He is also the Founder of Grant Wise Enterprises and Modern Agent Mastery. Grant is passionate about helping agents get the best results by taking advantage of everything digital marketing and advertising have to offer. 


To find out more about Grant, head to


Brian Curtis is a Tier 4 coach at Club Wealth. After spending five years in the Air Force as a Nuclear Missile Officer, he became a licensed agent in 2001. In his time as a real estate professional, Brian has seen the ups and downs of the real estate market from multiple angles: from being a Broker/Owner to being a team leader.


To find out more about Brian, visit: 


How to Keep Improving Your Business w/Angie Cody and Jeff Moore

No matter how well we’re doing, there’s always room for improvement, so agents should constantly be looking for ways to better their businesses. Why do we need to change our approach to lead sources and how can we earn people’s trust during the nurturing process? Why is it so important to make the mental shift towards being the people we want to be before trying to achieve the goals we’ve set? On this episode, Club Wealth coaches Angie Cody and Jeff Moore share the top takeaways they got from Listing Agent Bootcamp. 


Make sure you go as deep as you can with every lead source in your tunnel. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things We Learned From This Episode


  • Go deep, not wide
    Success doesn’t come from buying all the leads we can get our hands on: it comes from choosing a few, and sticking to them. Instead of spreading ourselves too thin, we should be going deep on a select portion of leads and nurturing them over the long-term. 

  • Prioritize relatability
    A lot of agents shy away from creating video content because they’re afraid of not producing great quality, but we all need to stop trying to be perfect. Relatability is what helps us build trust and create connections: strive to be personable, not perfect.

  • Act ‘as if’
    To achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we need to act as if we have already reached them. Look to people who have achieved our dreams and start practicing their own daily habits and routines. If we want to attain our goals, we have to make that mental shift. 

Guest Bio

Angie Cody is a Tier 2 coach at Club Wealth. She is also the Team Lead/Owner of The Angie Cody Real Estate Team at Exp Realty. After a robust career in marketing and sales, Angie got her real estate license in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since. Among her clients, Angie is known for her high-energy, easygoing personality and frank, yet relaxed, style of communication.


To find out more about Angie, head to:


Jeff Moore is a Tier 2 coach at Club Wealth, and the CEO, President and Master Listing Specialist at The Blue Sky Home Group. After studying communication and economics at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and being well on his way to becoming a professional soccer coach, Jeff possesses valuable skills related to team building and effective communication with clients. 


To find out more about Jeff, head to:

Client Generation Strategy: How One Agent Generated 174 Leads and 50 Clients in 30 Days w/Grant Wise + Cyrene Dellinger

In order to create predictable business in the long-term, we need systems that keep us top-of-mind and help us attract business, while retargeting them online consistently. This is where the Witly client generation system comes in. What is the difference between a lead generation and client generation system? How can we leverage video content to start attracting more business instead of chasing it? What are parasocial relationships and why do we need to build them right now? 

On this episode, real estate entrepreneur and president of Witly, Grant Wise, shares the client generation system they’ve developed. We’re also joined by Club Wealth coaching client, Cyrene Dellinger, who shares the results she got from this system.


You have to implement systems to generate leads, and implement systems to build relationships with your audience. You want your videos to do all the selling for you, and all you’ll have to do is show up and close. -Grant Wise 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Attract business and reduce the need for follow-up with retargeting
    We want to attract people, not chase clients. We can do this by leveraging lead magnets that pull people in. We can supercharge this strategy by retargeting ads where our content follows the clients on the internet. This alleviates the need for follow-up and prevents leads from falling through the cracks.  
  • Leverage the magic of video content 
    Video allows us to go from chasing business, to attracting it. It gets us face-to-face with more people, and it can do the speaking and selling for us. When we put the right videos in front of the right people with the right frequency and the right platforms, they start to get to know us at a faster rate.
  • Create videos that cement your authority 
    In order to get someone to get to know, like and trust us through our videos, the types of content we make should be about why we got into this business, educational content,  testimonials and community-based content.


Guest Bio

Grant is the president and co-founder of Witly, a Client Generation Software that helps Real Estate Professionals leverage modern training and technology to generate more clients in their business. For more information on Witly’s Client Generation Strategy visit, and to get a 2 week free trial,


Sign up for the 2-week trial to get the  $2000 Client Generation System training for free. 

Start your Witly subscription and get the referral funnel training free.

Cyrene is a Realtor, team leader, and Club Wealth member. She has worked with a large breadth of clientele, and understands the needs of seller’s, investors, and first-time home buyers alike. She listens to her clients’ needs and does whatever it takes to fill those needs. She has the tenacity and determination that it takes to negotiate difficult circumstances. Visit for more information.

How to Get More Out Of Your Lender Partnerships w/Jeff Pfitzer

Building good relationships and getting leads through preferred lenders is one of the best ways to create more leverage and value in our businesses. How do we execute the right approach that doesn’t put lenders off? How do we make sure we’re building relationships legally? What questions do we need to ask in order to identify the right partners? On this episode, Jeff Pfitzer shares how we can get lenders to start participating in our lead acquisition with us. 

Technology is going to impact real estate commissions and revenue, so creating other streams of revenue is going to be important going into the future. -Jeff Pfitzer 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Don’t make the ask too quickly
    One of the biggest mistakes agents make is that they ask for help with lead acquisition up front. This won’t work, and will more likely put them off. The approach we should always take is to give value first, then ask and then receive.  
  • Make sure your network isn’t relying on just one lender
    If you’re doing at least 10 transactions a year, you need at least 2 lenders: a national one and a local one. As your business grows, use this formula to determine how many lenders you need - your tier minus 1. 
  • Relationships and value comes first
    If we want lender partners to send us leads, we need to come from the angle of building relationships first. If we give value, build genuine relationships and camaraderie with the lender, it’s a lot easier for them to go for the ask.

How to Recruit 100 Agents in A Year w/Grant Wortman

In order to grow a solid and successful team in real estate, we need an effective recruiting strategy. Our guest today has developed such a good recruiting system that he brought in 100 agents in 2019. How do we develop a worthy value proposition that makes people actually want to work with us? What are the biggest mistakes people are making? How do we develop a repeatable and scalable recruiting system? On this episode, broker/owner Grant Wortman shares his winning recruitment formula. 

The onboarding process is huge for bringing people in because if they don’t feel safe, and that the process of moving over is bumpy, it’s a waste of time. -Grant Wortman  


Three Things We Learned From This Episode


  • Persistence isn’t an effective recruiting strategy
    If we try to convince agents to join our teams by being persistent, we’ll just put them off. Instead, we need to listen, ask questions and ask about their goals and find a way to encourage them and add value. 
  • Recruiting is no different to sales
    Recruiting is like any type of sales, rejection is just part of the deal. Be ready to hear a lot of ‘No’s’ from people, and for some people to need time to make their decision. If we build our recruiting strategy as a system, we will also get a lot of people saying yes. 
  • Being a champion of your agents has a multi-tiered benefit
    Post on social media celebrating the wins of agents. It helps with retention because agents on our team will feel encouraged. It also helps with recruiting because people will want to work for a brokerage/team that will celebrate them.


Guest Bio


Grant is the broker owner at Chamberlain Realty

Increasing Your PROFIT in 2020! Understanding your P&L w/Christy Horne & Ron Anderson

As business owners, tracking our money is one of the most critical exercises we need to do. Tracking finances with our bank accounts isn’t enough for us to get the information that helps us make better decisions, so we need a P&L. How does knowing and understanding our numbers increase our profitability? How do we use our P&L to profit expenses and to plan for things like taxes? On this episode, Coach Christy Horne shares the importance of keeping track of your profit and loss on a monthly basis.  

A lot of us only look at our P&L when we’re giving it to the CPA to do our taxes, but we need to look at it daily, weekly, monthly so we can make business decisions with it. -Christy Horne 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Good P&L data comes from having the right categories 
    When it comes to creating categories in our P&L, it’s important not to make them too broad. Instead of having generic buckets, have specific, granular categories showing every expense and every income type. Every item between $250 and up should be its own line item, so we can get a clear representation on how we’re spending our money.

  • Run your real estate job like a business
    Think of your business as a brick and mortar business. We need to operate it out of our business accounts. Have a checking, savings and credit account for business, and keep that on its own. Have a brick wall between business and personal finances. 

  • Plan ahead for your spending 
    When we take a closer look at our P&L, we’re able to actually forecast our spending. Think about your future expenses, events you’re going to attend, and subscriptions you’re going to pay so we can create a benchmark of profitability.


Guest Bio -

Christy is a Tier 1 coach at Club Wealth. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree and Master’s in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas in Austin. She began her career as a CPA at Ernst & Young before transitioning into the Real Estate Industry in 2013. To access Coach Christy Horne’s resources, visit

LinkedIn Leads and Leverage w/Lindsay NcCorchuk

When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is an underestimated and overlooked platform. What makes LinkedIn a great lead generation tool? How do we develop a good value proposition that engages with people? How can a charitable component in our real estate businesses help us build relationships? On this episode, Club Wealth coach and agent, Lindsay NcCorchuk, shares how she’s made $70k in 6 months on LinkedIn alone. You will find out her SECRET SAUCE to gaining new clients using LinkedIn.


LinkedIn isn’t just a source of leads for buyers and sellers, it also helps you grow your network or SOI. -Lindsay NcCorchuk 

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Have the right value proposition 
    Value proposition matters on LinkedIn. A free home warrantee or money back at closing won’t engage with people or make them want to connect. In Lindsay’s case, her value proposition is the charity component she has in her business, which many people on LinkedIn value. If we’re using a charity component, it’s important that it’s something we’re passionate about. 
  • Lead with building relationships 
    Don’t just think buyers and sellers for LinkedIn. We can also use it to connect with people, start conversations, build relationships and expand our spheres of influence. If we do this regularly, we’ll build a healthy database from that platform alone. 
  • On LinkedIn there’s less speed-to-lead pressure
    Speed to lead is important but not as critical as other platforms. We need to get back to people, but not in as little as 30 seconds like other lead generation tools. People aren’t expecting immediate responses, and also your value proposition takes away the need for urgent contact.