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The Agents Who Have Tough Conversations WIN w/Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel

Technology and social norms have given us an opt-out of difficult conversations, and most agents jump at the chance to avoid uncomfortable topics. However, if we want to maximize our results, we have to be willing to dive into unsettling discussions. 


As more people lean into text messages to convey tough realities, communicating in-person has become an art form. We have to master the art of talking about potential challenges with our clients, face to face.


Still, a lot of us simply lack confidence. How can we become more comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations? Does sharing hard truths with our clients make us more likely to fail or succeed?


In this crossover episode, Co-Hosts of the Real Estate Uncensored podcast, Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel join me to discuss how to approach tough topics. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


How to make difficult conversations less awkward for everyone involved:

Simply not making eye contact is a great way to ease the pressure of an uncomfortable situation. Create a matter-of-fact dialogue with minimal eye contact to avoid embarrassment all-round. 


Why we need to stop fearing fallout from hard truths:

Our clients are happiest when they get what they want, so don’t be afraid to tell them about anything standing in their way. It’s easier to engineer a solution when all the cards are on the table.


How honesty helps build trust from our earliest interactions:

Cliche as it may sound, honesty is the best policy. Being upfront with our clients from day one shows them we have their best interests at heart. 

What Agents Should Be Doing Right Now

When covid first hit, there was massive panic and fear about what it meant for real estate. Ultimately, because real estate was deemed an essential, most agents were not affected. In fact, many agents actually saw success like never before. 


The problem is, we’re not quite out of the woods yet. We’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. This is a temporary state, and many agents who have responded by relaxing are making a huge mistake. 


What are some of the fatal errors people in our industries are making? What are the things we should be focusing on right now, and how will they pay off in a huge way in the near future? 


In this episode, we’re joined by Real Estate Uncensored co-hosts, Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson. We talk about the actions agents should be taking right now to have stability and growth when the market inevitably shifts. 


The biggest threat to agents and brokers right now is complacency. -Michael Hellickson 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


How financial stability makes us more innovative:

Stockpiling cash isn’t just for us to deploy to grow our businesses. It also gives us the freedom, mental space, and stability to be creative and aggressively go after new opportunities. That level of creative thinking doesn’t take place when we’re worried about our next paycheck. 


Why this is a great time to bring talent into our organizations:

We have the opportunity to attract top talent now more than ever before because so many people lost their jobs. However, it’s impossible to take advantage of this newly emerged high-level workforce if we don’t have the cash or resources for it. 


The biggest mistake agents make in a crisis:

When cash becomes tight, many agents who are struggling will stop paying for lead sources and bail on their zip codes. The problem is, this will ultimately lead to the loss of our pipeline, the loss of future income, and the loss of real estate agents who expect us to provide leads.

Rocket Fuel Your Follow Up w/Brian Charlesworth

Agents are notoriously bad at generating leads, but we’re even worse at following up with them. If we want to boost our chances of success, we have to change that.


We have to stop giving up so easily. A lead not answering our calls isn’t a sign they aren’t interested, it’s a sign we need to follow up tenaciously until we get a response!


How can we follow up when a lead doesn’t respond right away, and where can we contact them outside of the traditional phone call? How can we make sure we stay in front of our leads no matter what platform of communication they prefer?


In this episode, CEO of Sisu, Brian Charlesworth and I discuss how to improve our follow up game and how that will impact the business. 



Want to make money? Learn how to generate leads and follow up at a high level. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


  • How to expand our net of communication
    Stop relying on phone calls and emails alone to communicate with leads. Phone, email, text, video text, video email, and Facebook stalk them; we have to ensure we’re available on every platform they use. 
  • How to use the Club Wealth Rule of 3
    Systematize follow ups for a better chance of success. Reach out to leads 3 times a day for the first 3 days, 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks, and 3 times a month for the next 3 months. 
  • Why upping our follow up game is non-negotiable
    Many of us may think we have exclusive leads, but with consumers sharing their information on so many platforms, it’s simply not possible. If we want to beat our competitors, we have to be the first and only option our potential clients see.

Guest Bio


Brian Charlesworth is the host of GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset podcast. He is also the CEO of Sisu, the world’s first Growth Automation Software for the real estate industry.


To find out more about Brian and to listen to the podcast, head to:


Books and offers mentioned in this episode: 

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

World Class Buyer Agent by Club Wealth

Text 727 287 5993 ‘Club Wealth’ for 17 best lead sources

Why Teams Are Ideal for a Stellar Client Experience w/Justin Stoddart

A turbulent market brings forth opportunities for real estate agents who have the right systems set up in advance. The 2008 crash created the REO and short sale opportunity, and we’re anticipating the same trend with the coronavirus crash. 


The people who will capture this opportunity are already focusing on the right activities. If we don’t have our businesses set up correctly, we’ll miss it. 


At a time like this, agents who run teams are better suited to provide the kind of client service required. Running a team doesn’t have to mean a lot more work. In fact, it can make things run more smoothly and provide a better experience for clients. 


Why are we better positioned to serve the client within a team structure? How do we find the opportunity in short sales? 


In this episode, I’m speaking with the host of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show, Justin Stoddart. We discuss how to do high volume on a small team, segmented workflows, and what we can expect with short sales. 



It doesn’t take a lot of time to lead your team, you just have to do it well during the time that you have. -Michael Hellickson 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


  • How teams provide a better experience than a solo agent 
    A solo agent can’t be in two places at once, and they can’t be available to fill all the roles required to deliver a solid customer experience. With a team, there’s systems and leverage so there’s never delay or drop in the quality and consistency of the communication. 
  • How to step away from production and still generate leads
    So many agents are too anxious to get out of production, but the decision is usually driven by ego or the wrong idea of running the team. Once we get out of production, the work doesn’t stop. Our new lead generation becomes recruiting, and we need to approach it the same way we approach lead generation.  
  • How to prepare for short sale opportunities 
    There is an opportunity for short sales in this current market. There are people who recently bought their homes and haven’t built up enough equity yet. Short sale opportunities come to us the same way every other lead does, by generating leads, having conversations, and following up. 


Guest Bio

Justin is a Title and Escrow Industry Challenger at Old Republic and the host of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. He is also the author of the upcoming book, The Upstream Model: The New Rules For Growing a Professional’s Business Margins and Identity. For more information, visit and follow on @justinstoddart

5 Key Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

We’re in the midst of an economic shift, but that doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. If we can follow in the footsteps of top producers, we’ll see great results regardless of the state of the market. 


Top agents understand that their habits during economic declines shouldn’t be too different from what they do in economic upswings. It all comes down to cultivating effective habits.


Which habits do we need to bring into our business routines, and how can we adapt them for maximum results? 


In this episode I’m joining Jeff Pfitzer, General Manager at USA Mortgage and host of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, to discuss the habits that keep top producers successful in any market. 

Whether we’re successful or not all comes down to one thing, habits. -Michael Hellickson



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


  1. Why top producers don’t rely on one lead generation source
    Over the past few years, referrals have not been contributing as much towards the average agent’s business. This trend will only continue as we head into a down market. We have to adapt to the changes and diversify our lead flows. 
  2. How successful agents eliminate competition during follow-up
    Stand out to consumers by being the first and only agent they speak to. Follow up with leads within 20 seconds and keep them on the line for at least 5 minutes. Once we’ve used that time to build rapport, most leads won’t contact other agents, and most agents won’t try follow up. 
  3. How being considerate helps us convert
    A lot of agents make the mistake of having buyers be pre-approved, because that makes our lives easier. Newsflash: We should be making their lives easier. Take clients on one appointment before asking for pre-approval or pre-qualification.


Guest Bio


Jeff Pfitzer is the General Manager at USA Mortgage over the areas of St Louis and other Midwest markets. Jeff is also the host of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast. 


To find out more, head to:


To get 17 of Club Wealth’s best lead sources, text ‘Club Wealth’ to 727 287 5993 


And to join our Mastermind group, head to:

How Top Producers Pandemic-Proofed Their Businesses

When we’re experiencing an interruption of our daily practices as we are right now, even the top producers can get challenged. What separates them from other agents is how they set up their businesses in advance so that the pandemic doesn’t stop their growth.  


There are certain activities that are not only critical, but non-negotiable. These pillars of business will never change, even in a pandemic. 


Instead of making major changes in response to this crisis, we need to keep doing the activities we’ve always done. We just have to change the way we’re doing them.


What are the core pillars that will pandemic-proof our real estate businesses? How do we make sure our businesses deliver on emerging consumer demands?  What do we need to change in our business models?


In this episode, I’m joining Century21 The Harrelson Group’s Greg Harrelson and Brendon Payne to discuss how to respond to this market. 



Keep doing all the activities you used to do, but do them differently. -Michael Hellickson



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


The one activity that will always be necessary in our business 

Lead generation is non-negotiable for business owners, no matter which industry they’re in. If we don’t generate new leads regularly, we’ll be out of business before we’ve even started. Generate leads every single day, and look into new lead sources every quarter. 


Why we need to speed up our follow up 

Following up with leads is a vital step, and we must increase our speed to leads. Get in contact with potential clients in 30 seconds or less. Anything longer is too long. 


Why we need to put our clients first 

Far too often as agents we speed through transactions, but we shouldn’t. Instead of rushing things for our own benefit, we have to keep the client in mind and take every part of the process one step at a time. 


Guest Bio- 

Greg is a coach and Owner of Century 21 The Harrelson Group and Brendon is an agent and Partner at Century 21 The Harrelson Group. Visit for more information.

How to Build a Forever Income-Producing Machine w/Howard Tager

With the right amount of people in our database, it’s possible to build a business operation that can take us from active income to passive income. That means no longer chasing commission checks and transactions, but actually building lasting wealth. 

What’s the secret? It comes down to building relationships. 

Instead of building a database to generate leads, we can build relationships that keep on generating actual business for years to come. That’s the path to becoming a passive-income earner in real estate. 

How do we start cultivating database growth for the purpose of passive income? Why does recruiting become more important as we scale our database? In this episode, CEO and co-founder of YLOPO, Howard Tager discusses how our real estate businesses can become the ticket to true wealth. 



The goal is building something that earns money beyond your own working hours.
-Howard Tager  


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Tech can help us capture interest and channel it into relationships
    We have the tech and tools at our fingertips to know when people are thinking of buying or selling early in the process. Building systems to track and capture the interest signals is the first step to building a solid database of relationships. 
  • As our database grows, our recruiting has to match
    The true growth bottleneck isn’t leads, it’s our team. As we grow our database and relationships, the challenge becomes recruiting the right talent fast enough and retaining them for long enough to grow a world class business. 
  • Change our mindset and the expectations we set for our database
    Don’t think of a CRM as a database of leads, think of it as a database of relationships. The word “lead” dehumanizes people, and makes us only see them from the perspective of short-term, transactional appeal. A relationship is something you develop with the intention of long-term nurture.


Guest Bio

Howard is the Co-founder and CEO of YLOPO. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and executive with a successful track record in real estate technology, digital marketing, and investment. Howard has started, grown, and successfully sold two companies (Ivy West and TigerLead) to large public companies.

To hear Howard and other great real estate, tech and marketing leaders speak at YLOPO’s Marketing and Technology Summit, visit Learn more about YLOPO here

How To Get 50 Leads In 2 Days w/Coach Lindsay NcCorchuk and Casey O’Toole

With so many agents using Facebook to build connections and find leads, the platform has become saturated. Now is the time to move to another, under-utilized space: Linkedin.

Linkedin offers agents an opportunity to grow our professional networks and SOIs, but it also gives us the opportunity to find interested buyers and sellers. 

How can we use Linkedin as real estate agents? What should we be including in our profiles to make sure we build great connections with the right people?

In this episode, Coach Lindsay NcCorchuk and Casey O’Toole of My Linked Solution share how to get 50 leads in just 2 days, using Linkedin. 


 It’s not easy getting 2500 views on Facebook- but it is on Linkedin. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Linkedin is relatively under-utilized by businesses at the moment. Seize the opportunity and act now
  • Write a great Linkedin bio and be sure to only share content relevant to real estate
  • Don’t be afraid to include an existing SOI on Linkedin; make sure friends and family know our value propositions


Guest Bio

Coach Lindsay NcCorchuk is a Tier 1 coach at Club Wealth. She is also the Owner and Team Lead at Lux Home Team in the Greater Seattle area. Lindsay has also always been an entrepreneur at heart, having owned an espresso stand at 18, and later managing a high end cosmetic dermatology office.


To find out more about Coach Lindsay, visit:


Casey O’Toole is a top-producing Real Estate Agent in Santa Barbara. He is also the developer of My Linked Solution, a highly effective lead generation platform. 


To find out more about Casey, head to: 


Links mentioned on this episode:


And to find out more about the Linkedin Sales Navigator, visit: 

This System Guarantees 100 Leads in 2 days w/Coach Angie Cody and Scott Pierce

To run successful businesses, we have to automate, delegate and eliminate tasks that aren’t our best and highest use of our time. We shouldn’t be using our precious time to update listings on our social media, we need a system that does it for us.

Does a system like this even exist? And if it does, is it available at a realistic price point?

Listings to Leads offers arguably the best ROI on leads. It’s for this reason that the coaches at Club Wealth use and endorse it. The real question we should be asking is, why aren’t we all? 

In this episode, Coach Angie Cody and CEO of Listings to Leads, Scott Pierce share how the upcoming Listings to Leads workshop can help agents get 100 leads in just 2 days - guaranteed! 


Listings to Leads is the best technology out there- it’s arguably the best ROI on leads. -Michael Hellickson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Set up a Listings to Leads profile and syndicate listings. This allows the system to auto post our listings to social media so we don’t have to!

  • Record a video that outlines past transactions and how we overcame challenges with listings. This can be added to Listings to Leads and shared across all our social media platforms as marketing.

  • Take advantage of the AI bots on Listings to Leads. The bots communicate with leads so we don’t have to, but we still have the option to enter the conversations ourselves at any time.


Guest Bio

Angie Cody is a Tier 2 coach at Club Wealth. She is also the Team Lead/Owner of the Angie Cody Real Estate Team at Exp. Over the past year, Angie has done over 20 million dollars in transaction volume and closed over 100 transactions. 


To find out more about Angie, visit: 


Scott Pierce is the CEO of Listings to Leads. As a former technology industry insider, Scott has worked with Silicon Valley firms including Oracle, Intel, Apple Computer and Cisco Systems, among others. Scott has developed and successfully implemented the listings-to-Leads (L2L) strategies and tactics at leading real estate brokerages across the United States.


To find out more about Scott, visit:


Links mentioned on this episode:

How to Build An Effective Recruiting System w/Grant Wortman & Long Doan

The further up we go in the tiers of business, the more important the recruiting piece becomes. If we want to keep growing, recruiting has to be a priority. As we grow and scale, recruiting needs to become part of our lead generation system. 

A successful recruiting system doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process that we need to be consistent and focused on so we can weave it into every aspect of our business. 

Why is recruiting a paramount skill we need to have over the next few years? What retention mistakes are we making and how can we solve them? In this episode, coaches and business owners Grant Wortman and Long Doan talk about recruiting and how to make it a priority in our businesses. 

You have to be unbelievably crystal clear about what you have to offer, where you’re going and where an agent can fit in. -Grant Wortman 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • The Power of a Unique Recruiting Proposition (URP)
    People need to be aware of where they fit into what we’re doing and what we’re building. If not, whatever offer we give them just won’t be compelling and attractive enough. 
  • How to attract recruits through what matters to them
    When you provide enough value to your recruits, and care about helping them find their purpose and achieve their big why, details like splits and money become secondary.  
  • Why we shouldn’t take people leaving our teams personally 
    Don’t look for people to stay with your team forever, but also be open for them to leave and even come back. Expect a certain amount of attrition and turnover as a natural part of growing and scaling your business.


Guest Bio

Long Doan is a real estate coach and broker/CEO of the Long Doan team at RG Realty Group. He has been in the real estate industry for 25 years. As the top 1% Agent in Minnesota and in the country, he has a proven track record. His company is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in Minnesota, providing a full-service real estate brokerage where they handle all types of real estate transactions, ranging from Traditional to Luxury, Short Sales to Bank Owned, Investments to Non-Performing Notes acquisition, Property Management to Rentals, and Commercial to Businesses. 


Grant is the broker owner at Chamberlain Realty. Grant has been serving clients realty needs since 2008. He's been intimately involved in many facets of the real estate industry. As a former professional home inspector, property manager, amateur home flipper and media producer, he has the ability to see things others may not and market properties in unique and effective ways. Grant began selling homes in 2015 and quickly became among the top 10% of real estate agents across the nation based on gross annual sales. He opened Chamberlain Realty LLC in 2017 with a passion to provide the best listing services in the OKC Metro area.

Sign up for a Long and Grant’s 2 Day Intensive Ridiculous Recruiting Workshop LIVE ONLINE on June 18th and 19th here.

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