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7 Steps to Higher Commissions w/Todd Tramonte

July 19, 2018

A lot of us easily forget the value that comes with going the extra mile with our listings. How does committing to adding more value actually give our clients more returns? Where are we missing the mark and could be doing better? How can we create scarcity around even the most common properties? On this episode, Todd Tramonte joins us to share the 7-step action plan that allows his team to not only increase their commission but help clients earn more.


It’s not about what we do or the cost of the things we spend money on-- it’s the return to the client. -Todd Tramonte



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Don’t fear pre-inspection. Turn it into a marketing lever

    A lot of people are afraid of pre-inspections because they think there’s a liability issue with disclosure. Actually, a pre-inspection solves a lot of potential problems and puts us in the driver seat for our clients, allowing us to control the delivery of information and eliminate the negatives during the positioning phase.


  • There are 3 marketing strategies every real estate agents should employ

    There are three different way we can market a property, and most agents only scratch the service of one. Preemptive (hyping it up before it goes on market),  broad-based (marketing to everyone), and piling on niches.


  • How to create a market of one

    A lot of people think scarcity is dictated by the market, but we can actually drive scarcity up and down. We can do this by creating points of scarcity about the property we’re trying to market. Ask yourself what makes this property unique and what people can’t get anywhere else.


The seven steps to fetching higher commissions are pre-inspection, professional staging, professional photography, marketing, creating scarcity, driving urgency and negotiation. As we put these pieces together, we form a complete marketing strategy that will exceed our clients’ goals. Our goal when speaking to a potential client is not to rationalize the value of these things based on the cost. It’s about the impact and the value they receive and the return that comes from them.


Guest Bio

Todd Tramonte is well known as an innovator and leader in the areas of real estate marketing and sales. His passion for education and commitment to excellence are trademarks of his leadership of both his company and his clients. Todd is the host of Texas Real Estate w/ Todd Tramonte and is a frequent guest on industry podcasts and educational events for Realtors and Brokers around the world. Todd is also an energetic and entertaining speaker on the topics of real estate, small business development, and his Christian faith. Go to for more information.