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Free Lead Sources & How to Grow Your Business Without Writing a Check w/Garrett Pancheri & Dustin Cagle

June 27, 2018


Many agents never get more deals because they aren’t having more conversations and engaging with people. How might we be getting in the way of our own earnings? What are some of the best free lead sources we can use? What is the fastest way to get “now” business from a free lead source? On this episode, we talk to Garrett Pancheri and Dustin Cagle about how they have found success with leads without spending money.


When you get comfortable talking to people, you’ll sell houses and get repeat business and referrals. -Garrett Pancheri



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Use Facebook to connect with people

If you had a conversation and it ended well, it’s easy to go on Facebook and send them a friend request because you're fresh in their mind. These people will start seeing all you’re doing. This will expand your audience and give you exposure to more potential clients.


Make yourself and your brand more public

Get creative about getting your name out there. We can even wear t-shirts that say “I sell real estate” or something else that shows what we do. Stop being a “secret” agent, stop wearing other people’s brands, and start showing your own.


Follow up is critical

The key to success is following up with people over and over. You have to become part of the community, and become familiar to people.


You can’t just sit around and wait for business to happen. You have to actually go out and take action to make business happen. There are so many low-cost and no-cost tools at your disposal. If you started doing something to engage with people, you will see results. Treat Facebook like another CRM, and it will yield results for you.