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From Trading Time for Money, to Trading Ideas for Money w/James Shelby

September 26, 2018


Real estate agents are commonly taught to be “self-self-employed” which means they never become business owners. What are things we can do to transition from trading time for dollars to trading ideas for dollars? How should we approach prospecting? What does it take to get to 6-figures of net income? On this episode, we talk to James Shelby about leveraging, diversifying lead streams, and becoming a true business owner.


You need to find multiple streams of leads to bring in the business. -Michael Hellickson



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Expireds vs. circle prospecting

Circle prospecting calls are easier to make than expireds. An expired is not going to be as happy to talk to you because they are constantly getting calls. A person on a cold call will be more friendly and comfortable.


Prospecting all the time is not the path to long-term success

In order to make more money, our mindset shouldn’t be that we must prospect all the time. All that does is lead to burnout, and it won’t bring long-term happiness. If we want to build a business that has balance and a long-term chance of survival, we have to do more than just prospecting.


Diversified lead sources are the way to scalability

If we want to make a solid 6-figure net income in this business, we need to have about 10 solid lead sources. This is what it takes for us to go from self-self-employed to business owner, and to have more freedom.


We are either employees, self-employed individuals, business owners or investors. When we’re employees or self-employed, all we’re doing is trading time for dollars and there’s no leverage or scalability. On the other hand, if we’re business owners or investors, we can now trade ideas for dollars and achieve true freedom. What it takes for us to achieve this is diversifying our lead sources so that we don’t burn out on prospecting, and have a balanced business that can weather the shifts and changes of the industry.


Guest Bio

James Shelby is a real estate professional in Southern California. He is focused on making clients happy and keeping them as life long friends. He specializes in working with first time buyers, sellers, and investors. Go to for more information or connect with James on LinkedIn