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Client Generation Strategy: How One Agent Generated 174 Leads and 50 Clients in 30 Days w/Grant Wise + Cyrene Dellinger

March 26, 2020

In order to create predictable business in the long-term, we need systems that keep us top-of-mind and help us attract business, while retargeting them online consistently. This is where the Witly client generation system comes in. What is the difference between a lead generation and client generation system? How can we leverage video content to start attracting more business instead of chasing it? What are parasocial relationships and why do we need to build them right now? 

On this episode, real estate entrepreneur and president of Witly, Grant Wise, shares the client generation system they’ve developed. We’re also joined by Club Wealth coaching client, Cyrene Dellinger, who shares the results she got from this system.


You have to implement systems to generate leads, and implement systems to build relationships with your audience. You want your videos to do all the selling for you, and all you’ll have to do is show up and close. -Grant Wise 


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Attract business and reduce the need for follow-up with retargeting
    We want to attract people, not chase clients. We can do this by leveraging lead magnets that pull people in. We can supercharge this strategy by retargeting ads where our content follows the clients on the internet. This alleviates the need for follow-up and prevents leads from falling through the cracks.  
  • Leverage the magic of video content 
    Video allows us to go from chasing business, to attracting it. It gets us face-to-face with more people, and it can do the speaking and selling for us. When we put the right videos in front of the right people with the right frequency and the right platforms, they start to get to know us at a faster rate.
  • Create videos that cement your authority 
    In order to get someone to get to know, like and trust us through our videos, the types of content we make should be about why we got into this business, educational content,  testimonials and community-based content.


Guest Bio

Grant is the president and co-founder of Witly, a Client Generation Software that helps Real Estate Professionals leverage modern training and technology to generate more clients in their business. For more information on Witly’s Client Generation Strategy visit, and to get a 2 week free trial,


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Cyrene is a Realtor, team leader, and Club Wealth member. She has worked with a large breadth of clientele, and understands the needs of seller’s, investors, and first-time home buyers alike. She listens to her clients’ needs and does whatever it takes to fill those needs. She has the tenacity and determination that it takes to negotiate difficult circumstances. Visit for more information.