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How to Build an Army of ISAs w/ Brendan Bartic

September 19, 2019

The ISA model is gaining traction in our industry because it’s a powerful way to bring leverage onto our teams and improve our lead conversion/follow up. What are the benefits of bringing on more ISAs? How do we recruit, train and hold them accountable? If we’re transitioning to an ISA model, how do we get the agents on our team to buy into it? On this episode, team leader and CEO, Brendan Bartic shares on migrating to an ISA driven model and how that increased production by 100 transactions.  

If we can master objections and be quick on how we respond to people, the quality of our conversations can continue to improve. - Brendan Bartic


Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • A strong sales system needs a strong servicing team supporting it
    If we’re going out and generating leads from many sources,  we also need to have a dedicated department that’s reliable to effectively and quickly address the leads. It makes us more efficient and frees up agents to do what they are good at. 

  • ISAs can be as strong a point of connection as agents
    Just because the lead talks to the ISA first doesn’t mean they won’t be able to build a rapport. We’re not selling an individual agent, we are selling a system. With that system, everyone is trained at such a high level that it doesn’t matter who the lead talks to first; they’re going to get the same level of service regardless

  • Hire the right people to overcome turnover
    One of the biggest concerns with ISAs is that the role has high turnover, and all the training will feel like a waste if the person leaves quickly. We can change this by finding people with big long-term goals in real estate - someone who sees the ISA role as a stepping stone to the next step. 

ISAs allow us to run teams that are more efficient and capable of converting leads at a high level. Running the model successfully is about following a very specific system to make sure leads are taken care of and that agents have enough support so that those leads become appointments.
ISAs give us immense value, leverage, and synergy in our businesses, and as in Brendan’s case, the benefit is reflected in more closed transactions. 

Guest Bio

Brendan is the CEO of The Bartic Group. He has been a leading top producer for over 18 years and his sales consistently rank is in the top 1% of all Keller Williams Teams Internationally. 

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