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How to Flip Time & Double Your Production w/Karen Briscoe

October 30, 2019


For most people, self-actualization is something we only focus on when we have achieved security and our basic survival needs. But without self-development, it’s hard to achieve at a higher level. How does adjusting the way we invest our time propel us forward? Why is it more powerful to instill new habits in small steps rather than all at once? On this episode, real estate top producer, coach, and author of the 5 Minutes to Success books, Karen Briscoe, shares the power of dedicating ourselves to self-actualization. She also discusses how to create a thriving environment for our teams. 


Energy is the fundamental currency of high performance. -Karen Briscoe

Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Even a small amount of self-actualization will have a noticeable effect 
    When we work on our self-actualization, even a little bit at a time, a ripple effect occurs. The impact is felt by the people around us and they start to self-actualize too. It can also be a snowball effect, where momentum builds up to bigger achievements; or a domino effect where it starts to change different parts of our lives, and create bigger milestones of self-actualization. 
  • Time isn’t the biggest determinant of self-actualization
    Activity, not time, is what determines success. When we are considering doing something, it’s not really the time that holds us back from doing it. Whats hold us back is the energy we’re willing to spend and the impact that activity will have on us. 
  • Self-actualization should be the first need we meet
    Most people spend a lot of time at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, trying to first get their physiological and safety needs met first before going towards self-actualization. What actually has the most impact is flipping the pyramid, and starting with self-actualization. It makes getting everything on the pyramid easier, and we speed up the process of becoming successful. 


Self-actualization allows us to become better versions of ourselves, build habits of productivity, become more in tune with our identity, and do meaningful work. If we focus on these things first, and flip Maslow’s pyramid on its head, everything else will become easier because we’re happier, more fulfilled, and know what we want. That will naturally lead us to the safety, security and basic physiological needs so many of us crave. If we set self-actualization as our priority, we won’t struggle to take control of our actions; we will align with what produces the best results for us. 

Guest Bio

Karen Briscoe is the genius behind the 5 Minutes to Success books. With a successful background in real estate, Karen has crafted an approach to business that has won industry-wide acclaim. This approach is based on her own journey. Karen places emphasis on the importance of combining actions, visualization and subtle habit creation to achieve enduring success. Having generated $1.5 billion in real estate sales, her advice is not only helpful, but indeed vital to all those seeking to thrive. Visit for more information.