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How to Increase Your Conversion Rates with Internet Leads w/David Tal

October 18, 2018

Internet leads can be difficult to follow-up with and convert. Most of them never pick up the phone, and those who do aren’t interested in buying right away. How can we increase our chances of getting our phone calls answered? What’s the incubation period for internet leads, and how can we gain trust in the meantime? What can encourage sellers and buyers to let their guard down? In this episode, David Tal talks about lead follow-up and how we can build trust with internet leads using ISA’s.


People tend to lower their guard when they don’t speak to the agent immediately because there is a sense people have that they are going to be sold right away.
-David Tal



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Don’t try to sell right away
    Most people have their guard up when they interact with agents because they expect to be sold to right away. With ISA’s, their guards are lower because they aren’t expecting the same. The ISA’s initiate the conversation, welcome leads, and give value instead of trying to go for the listing from the first conversation.

  • Internet leads are "potential leads"—not leads
    We can’t approach internet leads the same way we approach people who walk into our office, because internet leads aren’t as motivated to buy right now. As a result, we have to interact more with internet leads to close a sale. When scaling a business, we have to remember that unless we outsource some of our sales calls, we might end up working all the time— especially since most leads come in during the weekends.

  • Provide continuous value
    Agents need to provide value to potential clients in order to foster trust. Most people aren’t ready to buy right away, so instead of trying to convince them to buy now, give them a list of open houses they can look at on their own. This sort of value builds a connection that lasts longer.

Most people dislike receiving phone calls from numbers that they don’t recognize. To ensure our calls are picked up, we should initiate the conversation with our internet leads via text. This way, we let them know who we are and see whether they want to continue the conversation via text or phone call. If leads fail to respond, using the double dial method usually stirs their curiosity enough to make them pick up the phone.


Guest Bio

David Tal is the CEO and co-founder of where he helps agents and real estate teams put their lead generation on autopilot. His team of ISA’s follow up with real estate leads 24/7.

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