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How Top Producers Pandemic-Proofed Their Businesses

July 30, 2020

When we’re experiencing an interruption of our daily practices as we are right now, even the top producers can get challenged. What separates them from other agents is how they set up their businesses in advance so that the pandemic doesn’t stop their growth.  


There are certain activities that are not only critical, but non-negotiable. These pillars of business will never change, even in a pandemic. 


Instead of making major changes in response to this crisis, we need to keep doing the activities we’ve always done. We just have to change the way we’re doing them.


What are the core pillars that will pandemic-proof our real estate businesses? How do we make sure our businesses deliver on emerging consumer demands?  What do we need to change in our business models?


In this episode, I’m joining Century21 The Harrelson Group’s Greg Harrelson and Brendon Payne to discuss how to respond to this market. 



Keep doing all the activities you used to do, but do them differently. -Michael Hellickson



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


The one activity that will always be necessary in our business 

Lead generation is non-negotiable for business owners, no matter which industry they’re in. If we don’t generate new leads regularly, we’ll be out of business before we’ve even started. Generate leads every single day, and look into new lead sources every quarter. 


Why we need to speed up our follow up 

Following up with leads is a vital step, and we must increase our speed to leads. Get in contact with potential clients in 30 seconds or less. Anything longer is too long. 


Why we need to put our clients first 

Far too often as agents we speed through transactions, but we shouldn’t. Instead of rushing things for our own benefit, we have to keep the client in mind and take every part of the process one step at a time. 


Guest Bio- 

Greg is a coach and Owner of Century 21 The Harrelson Group and Brendon is an agent and Partner at Century 21 The Harrelson Group. Visit for more information.