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How Video Content Can Help You Build a Network of Constant Referrals w/ Kyle Whissel

June 27, 2018

When it comes to building an audience online, video is a powerful tool. It encompasses all of the other content types in one place and stimulates both the auditory and visual senses. How can video can help us sell more real estate? What makes some videos get so many views while others are ignored? What type of video creation should we focus on? In this episode, the founder of the #1 team in San Diego, Kyle Whissel, shares how he uses video content to build trust and get referrals.


When I do an open house now, people come in and we instantly have a rapport because they’ve seen my show. -Kyle Whissel



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

What differentiates good videos from bad ones

All viral videos have one thing in common: the content is high quality and on the right platform. Boring videos get no engagement, and good videos on dead platforms get no views. Also, if we want to build a following, we need to be consistent as well. The composition or the quality of the camera comes last. These days, iPhones can do the job without you having to invest in expensive equipment.

Don’t try to be someone else on video

We might think we aren’t charismatic or entertaining enough, but in the end there is always an audience for our content, and it consists of people like us. We might not be goofy on camera, but there are plenty of people who would find goofiness annoying. Plus, when we meet the people in real life, they will figure out if we are different from the one they saw on camera. Why would we want to surround yourself with clients who wouldn’t like the real us? The truth is, we don’t have to.

Create content that leads to referrals

Focus on the community first. Build relationships with local business owners and create content that benefits them. For example, we can shoot a video about the best places for a romantic dinner in town. The restaurants featured in the video will receive free exposure, but we can build relationships with people who have the financial power to make real estate investments or refer us to people who need an agent. By doing things for others and expecting nothing in return, we tap into the law of reciprocity.


The best part of video content is that you can multiply yourself. Your message reaches several people at once, and with time we build trust and rapport with people we’ve never even met. And when they do meet us in real life, we’ve already attracted the people who admire our work and trust our expertise. As a result, we no longer have to work so hard to make our leads trust us.