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Providing Value to Agents & Stepping Out of Production at the Right Time w/ Sarah & Giovanni Santa Ana

December 21, 2018

Real estate offers a wide range of models, and each of them teaches us valuable lessons about what is possible. What is the unique model our guests use, and how do they make it valuable for agents? Why is being part of a team so much better than working as a solo agent? Why is it so important that team leaders provide value beyond leads? On this episode, husband and wife team leaders, Sarah and Giovanni Santa Ana, share how they run their team and brokerage at a high level.


There are specific ways to build a successful team, and you need support. -Sarah Santa Ana


Three Things We Learned From This Episode


How to provide real value to agents

The more we add to the value of what we provide to agents, the more they’ll want to stay with us. Providing leads alone simply isn’t good enough. We also need to provide coaching and help them remove the time-consuming things that take them away from doing business.


Working as a solo agent vs. joining a team

Many people think it’s easy to be solo and that joining a team wouldn’t be worthwhile. The truth is, it’s highly unlikely that someone leaves a team and increases their number of transactions per year. Teams make it easier to be successful.


When to consider getting out of production

Only consider getting out of production when you have a minimum of 15 really good producing agents on the team. Their production has to be enough to support you, your lifestyle, and everything else that needs to happen to fund the team. Only then you can think about getting out of production.  


For a real estate business to really provide value, grow consistently, and have the leader out of production, strong systems must be in place. That means having a value proposition that isn’t based on leads, recruiting really well, and having enough good people on the team to sustain the team leader if they go out of production. When building a team, even though your production numbers are going up, your net income in the first year of building goes down. That’s something you have to be anticipating. If you’re too anxious to get out of production, you’re more likely to miss these key details and end up struggling to keep things going.